Cookie the Cook Battlegrounds Guide

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This guide provides in-depth information to help you play the infamous pirate Cookie the Cook better: your general gameplan, tribe and composition synergy, and additional tips to win with the hero.

Cookie the Cook Stir the Pot


Cookie the Cook busts out of the Deadmines to bring a versatile and powerful hero choice to Battlegrounds. Make use of Cookie's 0-cost Hero Power every turn to discover a minion of any of the tribes of the minions used after 3 turns. This Hero Power allows for you to serach for strong minions to build around in the mid-game and level with less pressure due to having extra minions early.



Cookie the Cook finds viability in all of the 9 tribes of minions and menagerie easily due to his Hero Power. More important than finding a particular direction early, be sure to focus on the best minions available. To note, the best performing builds include Dragons, Mechs, and Demons due to their strong Tier 3 options.

Dragon builds will look to pick up early copies of Bronze Warden, Tarecgosa, and Prized Promo-Drake using Cookie's Hero Power. An early leveling scheme can put these dragons on your board early to begin your scaling.

Mech builds will search for copies of Deflect-o-Bot, Replicating Menace, and Annoy-o-Module to round out thier composition using the Hero Power, providing Divine Shields and attack power.

Demon builds will do great for Cookie by finding an early copy of Legion Overseer using the Hero Power and from there create buffed minions in Bob's Tavern.


Important Tips & Interactions

As with all heroes, it is important to remember not to settle on a direction too quickly with Cookie. Since Menagerie is a viable composition for Cookie, taking the strongest minion available with your Hero Power discover is always the correct choice, even if it doesn't match the tribe you may be building on board early.

Since Cookie has a 0-cost Hero Power, he can uniquely employ an early leveling strategy on Turn 3 to Tier 3 and have the potential of discovering a strong Tier 3 minion early. An early level would ideally look like this:

  • Turn 1: Buy a minion (preferably a token), Hero Power;
  • Turn 2: Level to Tier 2, Hero Power;
  • Turn 3: Sell a minion, Level to Tier 3, Hero Power and Discover.

I would advise caution in using this early leveling strategy depending on what other heroes there are in your lobby. If you know that there are more than 2 other heroes with the ability to play more minions earlier than default, it may be wise to stay on Tier 2 and mitigate some extra damage. Also important to note is that this strategy does not always produce a Tier 3 minion but has only the chance to discover one.

Lastly, keep in mind what minions you have absorbed with Cookie's hero power. It is easy to forget which minion tribes have been used prior to your third turn without a bit of remembering or recording the tribes manually. If you are looking for a specific minion, it is incredibly important to consider what is in your specific discover pool. All things considered, Cookie the Cook is a flexible hero choice in Battlegrounds whose abilities often lend themselves to a top 4 finish.


Video Guides

Take a look at some videos produced by popular Battlegrounds streamers to get a good idea of what playing Cookie the Cook at a high level may look like!