Goblin Auto-Barber — Rogue Card

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Goblin Auto-Barber is a Rogue-only minion. This card was introduced with Goblins vs Gnomes and can now only be obtained through crafting. Below the card images, you will find explanations to help you use the card optimally in every game mode of Hearthstone.


General Comments

Goblin Auto-Barber is a strong tempo card that turns Rogue's Wicked Knife into a very useful tool for controlling the board early. It also has great synergy in a Mech based deck.


Constructed Play

Cards like Goblin Auto-Barber and Iron Sensei make Rogue perhaps the best choice for a tempo focused Mech synergy deck. If included in your deck, you should also include additional weapons such as Perdition's Blade and Assassin's Blade to give this card more utility if you draw it later in the game.



Goblin Auto-Barber is no longer available in Arena.