Millhouse Manastorm Battlegrounds Guide

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This guide provides in-depth information to help you play the mighty Millhouse Manastorm better: your general gameplan, tribe and composition synergy, and additional tips to win with the hero.


Millhouse Manastorm

Millhouse Manastorm Manastorm


Millhouse Manastorm is an interesting hero choice that changes the entire ruleset for Battlegrounds: minions cost 1 less but searching for them with a refresh will cost you 2 gold. In addition, your cost to tier will be 1 more throughout the game. If you can take advantage of these changed mechanics with Elementals and cycling minions, Millhouse is an easy top 4 finisher.



Millhouse loves Elementals in his games for two reasons: Refreshing Anomaly and Recycling Wraith. These two elemental units allow for near elimination of the 2-gold refreshes and allow you to continue to buy more minions. As a result, Sellemental becomes a very impactful minion to buy as it essentally is 2 units for no cost once sold and will trigger activation for your Recycling Wraith and Nomi, Kitchen Nightmare.

Millhouse can also find great synergy with Dragons and their boss minion Kalecgos, Arcane Aspect due to the reduction in cost of minions in Bob's Tavern. Battlecries will now only cost 2 gold, and you can find many supplemental battlecries to play and cycle through your baord in order to buff your other Dragons.

Menagerie also finds itself an honorable mention with a powerful interaction from Tea Master Theotar. Because of the reduced cost of minions in Bob's Tavern, you are able to cycle more similarily to how you would with Dragons and Battlecries. Buy up all of the tribeless minions available and cycle them through with Theotar on the board to buff your Cave Hydra and other Mech, Elemental, and Quilboar offerings available.


Important Tips & Interactions

Millhouse has a couple interactions to keep in mind while playing him. First and foremost, you should absolutely be mindful of your Refresh button use.

It is very easy to press the Refresh in order to find better minions as other heroes in the mid to late game. Millhouse players need to take caution in how much they use the button as the cost can ramp up quite easily. It should go without saying that you cannot decide on a direction for your build too early. What separates high level hero play versus low MMR is in the decision making to take the best minions available regardless of tribe and synergy present on your board mid game.

Another thing to note is Millhouse's winrate over the entirety of the game. You will start by winning a high number of fights through Turn 7, and then the rest of your opponents in the lobby will catch up. Try and take advantage of your early tempo to group your tiering up on Turn 3, 5, 6 and/or 8 so that you do not fall behind.

As mentioned previously in the Tribes section, games with Elementals are great for Millhouse. Even without focusing on building around the tribe, the battlecry of Refreshing Anomaly and the token presence of Sellemental will help your board grow and maintain tempo through your first 6 turns.


Video Guides

Take a look at some videos produced by popular Battlegrounds streamers to get a good idea of what playing Millhouse at a high level may look like!