XL Beast Hunter Deck - Murder at Castle Nathria

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This guide contains detailed Strategy, Mulligan, and deck-building information to help you play XL Beast Hunter in The Maw and Disorder expansion meta.

XL Beast Hunter is a Midrange deck that uses a strong curve of generically good cards in the early game before transitioning to a powerful late game utilising powerful Beasts like King Krush and Mountain Bear. By utilising cards like Azsharan Saber and Harpoon Gun, the deck is able to easily play its large Beasts to dominate opponents.

Card List

Hunter Cards
0 Devouring Swarm UiS 1
1 Batty Guest MCN 2
2 Doggie Biscuit UiS 2
2 Frenzied Fangs MCN 2
2 K9-0tron VSC 2
2 Selective Breeder Core 2
2 Spirit Poacher MCN 2
3 Harpoon Gun VSC 2
3 Ramming Mount UiS 1
3 Wild Spirits MCN 2
4 Azsharan Saber VSC 1
5 Imported Tarantula UiS 2
5 Pet Collector FAV 2
6 Beaststalker Tavish FAV 1
6 Defense Attorney Nathanos MCN 1
7 Huntsman Altimor MCN 1
7 Hydralodon VSC 1
7 Mountain Bear FAV 2
8 Collateral Damage MCN 1
9 King Krush Core 1
9 Wing Commander Ichman FAV 1
Neutral Cards
1 Irondeep Trogg FAV 1
1 Peasant UiS 2
3 Prince Renathal MCN 1
4 Blademaster Okani VSC 1
4 School Teacher VSC 2
10 Sire Denathrius MCN 1

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XL Beast Hunter Deck Mulligan Guide

  • General Mulligan (keep regardless of what your opponent is playing)Harpoon Gun, Spirit Poacher, Peasant, K9-0tron.
  • Mulligan against Aggro (also keep if you think you are playing against an aggressive deck)Batty Guest.
  • Mulligan against Control (also keep if you think you are playing against a slow deck)Defense Attorney Nathanos.

XL Beast Hunter Deck Strategy

You should try to curve out with the deck as efficiently as possible, making use of the deck's strong early-game cards to contest the board. Upon reaching the mid game, you should turn your focus onto trying to access your high-Cost Beasts through the use of Harpoon Gun, Azsharan Saber, and Pet Collector. After getting your high-Cost Beasts into play, you should be able to dominate the board to pressure opponents. If the initial pressure does not finish the job, the deck's extreme late-game cards like Sire Denathrius, Wing Commander Ichman and Collateral Damage can be used to close out the game.

Against Aggro, it is important to have a strong early game in order to not get overwhelmed on the board. Upon reaching the mid game, Mountain Bear becomes one of the deck's most powerful cards, halting your opponents advances and forcing them to sacrifice a significant amount of minions to get past it.

Against Control, you should try to ration your resources in such a way that you can maintain prolonged aggression throughout the game and you should try to maximise the value of cards like Selective Breeder to target high-value cards like King Krush and Mountain Bear

XL Beast Hunter Deck Card Swaps

Against Aggro, 1x Sylvanas, the Accused can be used in place of 1x Imported Tarantula.


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