Questline Hunter Deck - Voyage to the Sunken City

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This guide contains detailed Strategy, Mulligan, and deck-building information to help you play Questline Hunter in The Voyage to the Sunken City expansion meta.

Questline Hunter is spell deck that aims to control the board with spells while completing the Defend the Dwarven District Questline. Once the Questline is complete, the deck can utilise Tavish, Master Marksman in order to get a free use of their Hero Power with every spell that can be subsequently used to dominate the board and burn down opponents.

The Voyage to the Sunken City expansion adds a range of Nagas to the deck, which add further spell synergy to boost the power of the Questline.

Card List

Hunter Cards
1 Arcane Shot Core 2
1 Barbed Nets VSC 2
1 Defend the Dwarven District UiS 1
1 Tracking Core 2
1 Wound Prey FitB 2
2 Bloodseeker FAV 1
2 Doggie Biscuit UiS 1
2 Emergency Maneuvers VSC 1
2 Furious Howl FAV 2
2 Quick Shot Core 2
2 Raj Naz'jan VSC 1
3 Aimed Shot UiS 2
3 Dragonbane Shot FAV 2
4 Piercing Shot FitB 2
6 Beaststalker Tavish FAV 1
Neutral Cards
2 Rainbow Glowscale VSC 2
3 Rustrot Viper UiS 1
3 Treasure Guard VSC 2
4 Drek'Thar FAV 1

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Questline Hunter Deck Mulligan Guide

With Questline Hunter, you should keep your Questline along with any cheap damage spells to complete it. The only additional card to look for is Drek'Thar due to the sheer strength that the card offers at 4 Mana.

  • General Mulligan (keep regardless of what your opponent is playing)Defend the Dwarven District, Wound Prey, Barbed Nets, Drek'Thar.
  • Mulligan against Aggro (also keep if you think you are playing against an aggressive deck)Quick Shot.
  • Mulligan against Control (also keep if you think you are playing against a slow deck) — No further cards required.

Questline Hunter Deck Strategy

In the early game, you should always open up with your Questline without exception and following it up with cheap spells like Arcane Shot and Wound Prey to remove any minions your opponent plays. If there are no minions to target, you can make use of some of your non-damage cards like Tracking or Rainbow Glowscale to set yourself up for future turns.

As you enter into the mid game, you should continue making use of your damage spells to clear the board and progress your Quest, as well as playing Drek'Thar if you have access to it. After you have completed the first part of your Questline, it can be tempting to use your Hero Power as removal due to the value it offers, however the tempo lost is almost never worth it and you should instead continue progressing your Questline until your Hero Power is completely free.

As you reach Turn 5, you should ideally be close to finishing your Questline, and you can make use of Tracking, Furious Howl, and your tradeable cards if you need to find any further damage spells so that you can access Tavish, Master Marksman, which should be played the instance you are not under immediate threat.

As you put Tavish, Master Marksman into play, you can begin your plan to close out the game. If you have taken a significant amount of damage, then you can use your Hero Power to clear up any opposing minions on the board before sending any excess damage to face. Alternatively, if your opponent has been relatively passive, you can begin sending all of the damage straight to your opponent's face, quickly cutting through their Health to close out the game.

Against Aggro, you should take extra precautions to minimise the damage you take throughout the game as you do not have access to any healing. As part of this, throwing away your minions to help mitigate damage if your spells are not enough is completely fine, as most of your winning damage will come from spells after the completion of your Questline.

Against Control, you should try to be efficient with your spells by completing your Questline as quickly as possible, allowing your non-damaging spells to be used for refreshing your Hero Power. Additionally, you should look to maximise the value of card generation and card draw like Furious Howl, Quick Shot, and Dragonbane Shot to help maximise your total damage and overcome any healing your opponent may have.

Questline Hunter Deck Card Swaps

2x Vicious Slitherspear, 2x Murkwater Scribe, 2x, Crushclaw Enforcer can be used in place of 2x Treasure Guard, 1x Drek'Thar, 1x Emergency Maneuvers, 1x Bloodseeker, 1x Doggie Biscuit for a more board-centric playstyle.


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