Control Priest Deck

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This guide contains detailed strategy, mulligan, and deck-building information to help you improve your Control Priest play for the Scholomance Academy meta.

Control Priest is a deck that has existed throughout Hearthstone's history. It uses efficient spells to keep the board under control to generate card advantage over opponents. The deck is renowned for playing long and drawn-out games due to Priest's unique ability to acquire copies of cards from the opponent's deck, which is excellent when games often come down to fatigue damage.

Card List

Priest Cards
1 Disciple of Galakrond DoD 2
1 Renew AO 2
2 Penance Uldum 2
2 Sethekk Veilweaver AO 2
2 Shadow Word: Death Legacy 2
2 Thoughtsteal Legacy 2
3 Breath of the Infinite DoD 2
3 Madame Lazul RoS 1
3 Mindflayer Kaahrj DoD 1
4 Brittlebone Destroyer SA 2
4 Fate Weaver DoD 2
5 Time Rip DoD 2
6 Initiation SA 2
7 Galakrond, the Unspeakable DoD 1
7 Soul Mirror AO 1
8 Murozond the Infinite DoD 1
Neutral Cards
5 Shield of Galakrond DoD 2
6 Kronx Dragonhoof DoD 1

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Control Priest Deck Mulligan Guide

Control Priest is a value deck that aims to remove every threat played by opponents to win long drawn-out games. As Control Priest's removal only targets specific minions, you should look for early card draw in your mulligan to maximise your options available each turn.

  • General Mulligan (keep regardless of what your opponent is playing)Sethekk Veilweaver, Disciple of Galakrond
  • Mulligan against Aggro (also keep if you think you are playing against an aggressive deck)Penance, Breath of the Infinite, Renew.
  • Mulligan against Control (also keep if you think you are playing against a slow deck)Thoughtsteal, Galakrond, the Unspeakable.

Control Priest Deck Strategy

During the early game, you will have very few decisions to make regarding what cards to play. The primary option you will have available is Disciple of Galakrond; as the card offers a strong additional effect, throwing it down early will slow down your opponent and minimise the pressure they can put on you.

If you are playing against Aggro, having a powerful AoE card like Breath of the Infinite will have a large influence on how you play. While it is a good, cheap clear, it is important to evaluate the damage it will deal to your own board if you are not holding a dragon before using it.

When you reach the mid game, you can begin to start putting some pressure back onto the board. Shield of Galakrond, Mindflayer Kaahrj, in addition to any minions you can steal from your opponent are great at contesting the board, both at trading with enemy minions and dealing light damage when supported by removal spells.

For large threats, Shadow Word: Death is a cheap answer to most targets and the reasonable Mana cost of the cards will allow you to gain a tempo advantage in the process. Alternatively, or against multiple threats you may also opt to use Breath of the Infinite at a higher cost.

When it comes to winning the game, the combination of removal followed up by pressure from midrange minions is often enough to win the game. Galakrond, the Unspeakable in particular will supply you with a constant supply of minions to play without ever having to worry about running out of cards.

Control Priest Deck Card Swaps

  • Against Aggro — Add 1x Shadow Word: Pain for 1x Initiation
  • Against Control — Add 1x Skeletal Dragon for 1x Renew.


  • 06 Aug. 2020: Deck has been updated for the Scholomance academy expansion. Removed 2x Wild Pyromancer, 2x Shadow Word: Ruin, 2x Psychic Conjurer, 2x Holy Smite, 1x Reliquary of Souls, 1x Archivist Elysiana, 1x Natalie Seline for 1x Renew, 2x Initiation, 2x Sethetkk Veilweaver, 2x Breath of the Infinite, 2x Brittlebone Destroyer, 1x Murozond the Infinite, 1x Kronx Dragonhoof, 2x Fateweaver.
  • 07 Apr. 2020: Deck has been updated for the Ashes of Outland exansion. Removed 2x Omega Medic, 1x Zilliax, 2x Mass Hysteria for 1x Plague of Death, 1x Reliquary of Souls, 1x Renew, 1x Soul Mirror, 1x Natalie Seline.
  • 26 Mar. 2020: Deck has been updated for the Ashes of Outlands prepatch. Removed 2x Northshire Cleric, 2x Power Word: Shield, 2x Auchenai Soulpriest, 2x Injured Blademaster, 2x Circle of Healing for 2x Thoughtsteal, 2x Holy Smite, 2x Shadow Word: Ruin, 2x Psychic Conjurer, 2x Omega Medic.
  • 10 Dec. 2019: Deck has been updated for the Descent of Dragons expansion. Removed 2x Hench-Clan Shadequill, 2x Lightbomb, 2x Sandhoof Waterbearer, 2x Convincing Infiltrator for 2x Disciple of Galakrond, 1x Mindflayer Kaahrj, 2x Time Rip, 2x Shield of Galakrond, 1x Galakrond the Unspeakable.
  • 09 Oct. 2019: Deck updated for Doom in the Tomb patch. Removed 1x Acolyte of Pain, 1x Cabal Shadow Priest for 2x Lightbomb.
  • 02 Sep. 2019: Guide reviewed for September play season.
  • 06 Aug. 2019: Deck has been updated for the Saviors of Uldum expansion. Removed 2x Lazul's Scheme, 2x Forbidden Words, 1x Cabal Shadow Priest for 2x Penance, 2x Sandhook Waterbearer, 1x Plague of Death
  • 01 Jul. 2019: Deck has been reviewed for the July card rotation.
  • 05 Jun. 2019: Deck has been reviewed for the June play season.
  • 01 May 2019: Deck has been reviewed for the May play season.
  • 09 Apr. 2019: Deck has been completely overhauled for the Rise of Shadows expansion.
  • 03 Mar. 2019: Deck has been reviewed for the March play season.
  • 07 Feb. 2019: Deck has been reviewed for the February balance patch.
  • 01 Jan. 2018: Deck has been reviewed for the January play season.
  • 04 Dec. 2018: Deck updated for the Rastakhan's Rumble expansion. Removed 1x Cabal Shadow Priest, 1x Shadow Word: Death, 1x Twilight Acolyte for 1x Crowd Roaster, 2x Firetree Witchdoctor.
  • 01 Oct. 2018: Deck has been reviewed for the October play season.
  • 01 Sep. 2018: Deck has been reviewed for the September play season.
  • 07 Aug. 2018: Guide updated for The Boomsday Project expansion.
  • 01 Jul. 2018: Guide has been reviewed for the July play season.
  • 12 Jun. 2018: Control Mage added to similar decks
  • 09 Jun. 2018: Deck added.
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