Switcheroo Priest Deck - Voyage to the Sunken City

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This guide contains detailed Strategy, Mulligan, and deck-building information to help you play Switcheroo Priest in The Voyage to the Sunken City expansion meta.

Switcheroo Priest is an all-in deck that aims to utilise a Switcheroo in a deck that only contains one cheap minion and one minion with high stats. The deck is able to achieve fast wins due to the speed in which a powerful minion can be rushed out, but sacrifices its ability to win games that go beyond the first few turns as a result.

Card List

Priest Cards
0 Illuminate VSC 2
1 Call of the Grave UiS 2
1 Gift of the Naaru FAV 2
1 Holy Smite Core 2
1 Shadow Word: Devour FAV 2
1 Shard of the Naaru UiS 2
2 Bless FAV 2
2 Condemn (Rank 1) FitB 2
2 Thrive in the Shadows Core 2
3 Amulet of Undying UiS 2
3 Switcheroo VSC 2
4 Holy Nova Core 2
4 Power Infusion Core 1
4 Void Shard UiS 2
8 Xyrella, the Devout FAV 1
Neutral Cards
3 Twin-fin Fin Twin VSC 1
10 Deathwing the Destroyer Core 1

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Switcheroo Priest Deck Mulligan Guide

Switcheroo Priest follows a very unique mulligan strategy where keeping random cards can be better than mulliganing them. This is because the deck relies on not drawing either of its minions in order to have the highest chance of winning. With this in mind, you should always mulligan away your minions if you draw them, and keep any spells if you already have Switcheroo.

  • General Mulligan (keep regardless of what your opponent is playing)Switcheroo and Illuminate.
  • Mulligan against Aggro (also keep if you think you are playing against an aggressive deck) — No further cards required.
  • Mulligan against Control (also keep if you think you are playing against a slow deck) — No further cards required.

Switcheroo Priest Deck Strategy

The aim of Switcheroo Priest is consistent in every game, and that is to play Switcheroo as soon as possible in order to draw, and swap the stats of, Twin-fin Fin Twin and Deathwing the Destroyer. If you do not already have Switcheroo in hand, you can make use of Illuminate, Thrive in the Shadows and the multiple Tradeable cards in the deck to help find it. Once you have Switcheroo, avoid any further card draw until you use it.

After playing Switcheroo, you should try to rush down your opponent in order to win the game as soon as possible. If your opponent puts up any resistance on board, you can make use of Bless, Shadow Word: Devour, Power Infusion, and Gift of the Naaru to help keep your minions alive for longer.

If your minions die, you are unable to find your Switcheroo in time, or you simply draw your minions first, you can use the remainder of the deck to fall back into a control game. To achieve this, you can make use of Call of the Grave to generate a Deathrattle minion that can subsequently be resurrected with Amulet of Undying and Xyrella, the Devout. While you will not be favoured in this strategy, it will still allow you to pick up some wins if the deck's main combo is not able to pick up a win.

Against Aggro, the strategy of the deck does not change very much. You can make use of cheap removal spells to slow their minions, but your combo should be significantly faster than any aggression your opponent is able to put out.

Against Control, you should simply put faith in your combo. There is not much counter play available against hard removal for your minions, so the faster you can get minions into play, the less likely your opponent is to have an answer.

Switcheroo Priest Deck Card Swaps

2x Power Word: Fortitude can be used in place of 2x Call of the Grave for a slightly stronger combo at the expense of no contingency plan. This change can be made based on personal preference.


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