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Control Priest Deck List

Last updated on Apr 10, 2017 at 15:27 by Pesty

Control Priest is an archetype that relies on Priest's removal tools and excellent late-game stability to lock Aggro decks out of the game. Through tools like Entomb and Thoughtsteal, they also have the ability to dominate other Control decks if built correctly. Generally however, Control Priest will suffer in a Midrange meta.

In the tables below, you will find all of the decks we have on Icy Veins for this archetype, first for Standard and then for Wild.


Deck Cost Last Update
Control Un'Goro Un'Goro MSG Kara 4,320 Arcane Dust 2017/04/10


Deck Cost Last Update
Djinni OTK Un'Goro Un'Goro MSG LoE TGT BrM GvG 3,960 Arcane Dust 2017/04/04
N'Zoth Control Un'Goro Un'Goro HoF TOG LoE TGT GvG Naxx 5,080 Arcane Dust 2017/04/02
N'Zoth Resurrect Un'Goro Un'Goro HoF Kara TOG LoE BrM GvG Naxx 6,240 Arcane Dust 2017/04/02
Cheap MSG TOG TGT GvG 1,000 Arcane Dust 2016/12/23
Control Un'Goro LoE TGT GvG Naxx 4,560 Arcane Dust 2014/03/22
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