Guff Runetotem Battlegrounds Guide

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This guide provides in-depth information to help you play the druid Guff Runetotem better: your general gameplan, tribe and composition synergy, and additional tips to win with the hero.


Guff Runetotem

Guff Runetotem Natural Balance


Hearthstone's very own Guff Runetotem is represented in Battlegrounds with a love for nature and a powerful Hero Power that will guide you to top 4 every game. With a standard curve, Guff can easily get going by pressing the hero power on Turn 3 on some strong base Tier 1 and 2 minions. Finding specific minion types to work with the tiered hero power may be challenging, but Guff takes the "best minion" approach through the early and mid-game to smack down opponents.



Guff is inflexible when it comes to tribes and finding direction. A difficulty of Guff can be finding good minions for each tribe that correspond to the tier requirement of his hero power. For example, there may be multiple Tier 2 and Tier 4 minions for a Elemental build, and the extra +2/+2 would be missed. Thankfully, this issue is offset by Mech and menagerie builds in which Guff truly excels.

Mechs are an extremely potent build with Guff because they can recieve Buffs that are otherwise unobtainable for the tribe. A Turn 1 Pupbot can spell an easy top 4 alone as it is one of the best minions to buff early and often. At Tier 2 you can look for Harvest Golem and Tier 3 for Deflect-o-Bot. From there you can fill your compisition out with strong Tier 5 and 6 Mech options.

Menagerie builds are also quite powerful for Guff, as it is easier to find the "best" minions per tribe and boost them along the way. Mech and Quilboar options early should allow you to reach the late game and get your hands on Tea Master Theotar or Mantid Queen.

A special shout-out to Dragons as a potential build around for Guff. Great offerings at Tier 1 and 2 can provide solid base minions for buffs moving into the mid and late game. If you are looking to build Dragons, some options include starting with Dozy Whelp on Tier 1, Whelp Smuggler on Tier 2, and Amber Guardian or Nether Drake on Tier 3.


Important Tips & Interactions

Mentioned briefly was the standard curve for Guff, the best way to start your game. Because Guff's hero power costs 2 gold, it is imperative to follow the curve in your first 3 turns like so:

  • Turn 1: Buy a Tier 1 minion;
  • Turn 2: Level to Tier 2 (Do not freeze!);
  • Turn 3: Buy a Tier 2 minion, press Hero Power.

This curve will allow you to start your third combat with 2 minions with an additional +4/+4 of stats on board. It is important to note that you should NOT freeze on Turn 2 even if a double or triple of a minion is provided as this will significantly lower your power level.

Since Guff's 2-gold hero power is so powerful, it is important to note that your Tier 1 and 2 minions are particularly important. If you can find a good "base" minion, or a minion that has an early keyword like Divine Shield, you should buy it and buff it as a minion of that particular tavern tier.


Video Guides

Take a look at some videos produced by popular Battlegrounds streamers to get a good idea of what playing Guff Runetotem at a high level may look like!