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Miracle Priest (AKA Spell/Combo Priest) Deck List Guide

Last updated on Feb 07, 2018 at 15:23 by Pesty 9 comments

Table of Contents

The Journey to Un'goro expansion opened a new style of play for the Priest class. The addition of Lyra the Sunshard, Radiant Elemental, and Shadow Visions opened up the potential for many powerful interactions moving Priest from one the worst to one of the best spell-based classes alongside Rogue and Mage.

The addition of Shadow Visions paved the way for powerful combo Priest decks, providing additional copies of cards like Divine Spirit or Mind Blast that are much stronger than multiple copies and be played together. Shadow Visions also aids the overall consistency of these decks, as it is often able to function as a wild card as its effect can be used to create the final piece of powerful combos when necessary.

Lyra and Radiant Elemental give Priest access to a "Miracle" style of play that was previously only viable for the Rogues, and Druids for a brief period. The intersection between the minions allow a barrage of spells to be fired at opponents, usually having a large impact the board and resulting in a huge card advantage over opponents.

Below, you will find link to our deck lists for Miracle Priest, starting with our featured deck, which we consider the most common variant.

This Miracle Priest Deck relies on firing a barrage of spells at opponents. It takes full advantage of Lyra the Sunshard and Elise the Trailblazer to aims to gain large card advantages to run opponents out of resources.

✶ Featured Deck

Combo Priest Deck

  • Guide written by Pesty and last updated on Feb 07, 2018 (K&C meta)
  • Costs 3.5k (8 basic, 13 common, 6 rare, 2 epic, and 1 legendary)
  • Mana curve:
  • Card breakdown: 15 Spells • 15 Minions
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Priest Cards Neutral Cards

Export string: AAECAa0GBNMK1wq1uwK+yAIN7QH4AuUE9gfVCNEK0gryDPsM8LsC0cEC2MEC8M8CAA== (copy to clipboard)

This Combo Priest Deck aims to midrange minions and spells to stall out the game while trying to assemble the pieces to pull off powerful Divine Spirit + Inner Fire combos to burst down opponents.

✶ Featured Deck

Velen OTK Priest Wild Deck

  • Guide written by Pesty and last updated on Aug 10, 2017 (KFT meta)
  • Costs 6.2k (10 basic, 10 common, 6 rare, 1 epic, and 3 legendaries)
  • Mana curve:
  • Card breakdown: 15 Spells • 15 Minions
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Priest Cards Neutral Cards

Export string: AAEBAa0GBAntBdYRp6wCDe0B+wGXAqEE5QTJBvYH1QjSCvIM+wyPD5YUAA== (copy to clipboard)

This Velen OTK Priest Wild Deck aims to rapidly cycle cards in order to assemble powerful combos using Prophet Velen and various damage spells to burst down opponents in a single turn.

1. Aim of Miracle Priest

Miracle Priest decks rely on playing a large number of spells in order to destroy opponents. This comes in two main flavours, Combo and Control. Combo decks aim to cycle cards in order to pull of powerful combos to burst down opponents. Control decks aim to play a constant flow of spells to control the board and eventually run opponents out of resources.

2. Miracle Priest Strengths and Weaknesses

With the large number of spells available, Miracle Priest decks have a diverse set of tools and are therefore able to react to almost any situation, with cards like Lyra the Sunshard and Shadow Visions it is also possible to gain additional copies of cards not in the orginal decklist, often making it hard for opponents to anticipate plays.

As the Miracle Priest archetype is reliant upon a small subset of cards, it is entirely possible to not draw them in a game, putting you at a huge disadvantage that is heavily punishable by Aggro and Midrange decks.

3. Key Cards and Crafting for Miracle Priest

Lyra the Sunshard is the most essential Legendary minion for Spell Priest. The powerful card generation effect in a deck full of spells is invaluable. Elise the Trailblazer is also a particularly powerful card in some Spell Priest decks as Shadow Visions can be used to gain additional copies of Un'Goro Pack to gain a massive card advantage over opponents.

Shadow Visions is an all-round powerful Epic card for Spell Priest. In addition to the aforementioned interaction with Un'Goro Packs, Shadow Visions provides a cheap activator for Lyra.

Although it is only a Common card, Radiant Elemental's value also cannot be understated. The Mana reduction effects can be used to rush out multi-card combos in addition to having great synergy with Lyra and Shadow Visions.

4. ChangeLog

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  • 07 Jul. 2017: Archetype page for Miracle Priest added.
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