Naga Fel Demon Hunter Deck - Throne of the Tides

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This guide contains detailed Strategy, Mulligan, and deck-building information to help you play Naga Fel Demon Hunter in The Throne of the Tides expansion meta.

Naga Fel Demon Hunter is an aggressive deck that uses the natural synergy between Naga minions and spells to curve onto the board in a tempo-heavy style. The deck is able to consistly clear the board while chipping away at the Health of opponents before using its spells to transition to full burn damage to close out games.

Card List

Demon Hunter Cards
1 Dreadprison Glaive FAV 2
1 Fury (Rank 1) FitB 2
1 Sigil of Alacrity UiS 2
2 Battleworn Vanguard FAV 2
2 Chaos Strike Core 2
2 Fel Barrage UiS 2
2 Fossil Fanatic VSC 2
2 Multi-Strike VSC 2
2 Spectral Sight Core 2
3 Herald of Chaos VSC 2
3 Lady S'theno VSC 1
3 Predation VSC 2
6 Kurtrus, Demon-Render FAV 1
7 Caria Felsoul FAV 1
7 Xhilag of the Abyss VSC 1
Neutral Cards
1 Vicious Slitherspear VSC 2
3 Pufferfist VSC 2

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Naga Fel Demon Hunter Deck Mulligan Guide

As Naga Fel Demon Hunter is a tempo deck, it is important to use your mulligan to find several early-game plays in order to secure control of the board early.

  • General Mulligan (keep regardless of what your opponent is playing)Vicious Slitherspear, Battleworn Vanguard, Sigil of Alacrity, Fossil Fanatic, Dreadprison Glaive.
  • Mulligan against Aggro (also keep if you think you are playing against an aggressive deck)Fel Barrage.
  • Mulligan against Control (also keep if you think you are playing against a slow deck)Caria Felsoul.

Naga Fel Demon Hunter Deck Strategy

In the early game, you should look to quickly secure the board with cheap minions like Vicious Slitherspear, Fossil Fanatic and Battleworn Vanguard, making use of Multi-Strike, Fel Barrage, and your Hero Power to clean up any opposing minions as needed.

As you move into the mid game, you should continue improving your board, making full use of your Mana where possible. However, you should not unnecessarily use up your 0-Cost spells like Predation and those discounted by Sigil of Alacrity as these can be used in the future to activate Vicious Slitherspear and Lady S'theno or to simply protect your board in a future turn.

Throughout the game, you should make use of your spells and Hero attacks to help clear up the board and allow your minions to go face. While doing this, you should try to make full use of Dreadprison Glaive with your Hero attacks, allowing you to simultanously clear the board and deal significant amounts of face damage for future Lady S'theno and Fel Barrage use. This strategy is especially effective when making use of Multi-Strike, allowing you to gain additional face damage from the second attack the spell offers.

As you reach the later turns, you can begin assessing the damage caused by your early turns to decide the late-game plan. If you have dealt significant damage, you can continue on the same trajectory to deal the remaining damage. If you are a little bit further away, you can make use of either Caria Felsoul to copy Xhilag of the Abyss, or Xhilag directly as a powerful late-game presence to continue pushing damage. Once your opponent starts to become close to the amount of damage you have available in hand, you can begin to make use of any spells you have to begin burning down your opponent directly.

Against Aggro, you should do everything in your power to keep the board under control. The multitude of Fel spells in the deck are excellent at achieving this, allowing any of your minions that stick to the board deal the damage necessary to win the game.

Against Control, you should be a bit more conservative with your card usage, making use of card draw to refil your hand if you already have minions in place, to ensure you do not lose to a board clear. If possible you should also try to make use of Caria Felsoul as early as possible to provide a strong board presence, while minimising the chance it becomes ineffective by drawing into Xhilag of the Abyss.

Naga Fel Demon Hunter Deck Card Swaps

  • Against Control — Add 1x Jace Darkweaver for 1x Spectral Sight for a more powerful late game.


  • 07 Jun. 2022: Deck has been updated for the Throne of the Tides miniset. Removed 1x Jace Darkweaver, 1x Amalgam of the Deep, 2x Felgorger, 2x Aldrachi Warblades, 2x Glaive Shark, 1x Queen Azshara for 1x Dreadprison Glaive, 2x Fossil Fanatic, 1x Caria Felsoul, 1x Xhilag of the Abyss, 2x Herald of Chaos, 2x Pufferfist.
  • 15 Apr. 2022: Guide added.
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