Big Demon Hunter Deck - Fractured in Alterac Valley

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This guide contains detailed Strategy, Mulligan, and deck-building information to help you play Big Demon Hunter in The Fractured in Alterac Valley expansion meta.

Big Demon Hunter is a control deck that exclusively uses high-Cost Demons as its core minion package. Doing so allows it to consistently utilise cards like Sigil of Reckoning and Pit Commander to greatly accelerate its late game and dominate opponents if it is able to get its minions into play.

Card List

Demon Hunter Cards
1 Illidari Studies MDF 2
1 Sigil of Alacrity UiS 2
2 Chaos Strike Core 2
2 Immolation Aura AO 2
3 Aldrachi Warblades Core 2
3 Chaos Leech UiS 2
3 Eye Beam Core 2
4 Flanking Maneuver FAV 2
5 Sigil of Reckoning FAV 2
6 Fel Summoner AO 1
7 Caria Felsoul FAV 1
8 Illidari Inquisitor Core 2
8 Taintheart Tormenter FitB 2
9 Ancient Void Hound SA 1
9 Pit Commander AO 2
Neutral Cards
4 Vanndar Stormpike FAV 1

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Big Demon Hunter Deck Mulligan Guide

Big Demon Hunter is heavily reliant upon getting big minions out as quickly as possible to stabilise. As as such, looking for Sigil of Reckoning in your opening hand is a huge priority.

  • General Mulligan (keep regardless of what your opponent is playing)Vanndar Stormpike, Sigil of Reckoning, Sigil of Alacrity.
  • Mulligan against Aggro (also keep if you think you are playing against an aggressive deck)Chaos Strike.
  • Mulligan against Control (also keep if you think you are playing against a slow deck)Caria Felsoul.

Big Demon Hunter Deck Strategy

In the early game, your primary goal is survival, as conserving as much Health as possible will make the mid-game transition into big Demons smoother. With this in mind, you can always make very liberal use of removal tools like Eye Beam, Chaos Leech, and Immolation Aura to keep the board in check. If you are facing no pressure, you can alternatively opt to draw cards using Chaos Strike and Sigil of Alacrity.

Going into the mid game, your first priority should be to play Vanndar Stormpike if possible, as the Mana discounts alone are invaluable and will often provide enough tempo to simply win the game. Failing that, you should look to get Sigil of Reckoning, Caria Felsoul, or Fel Summoner into play to begin drawing out your Demons.

Once you have one of your big Demons into play, you can begin solidifying your board position through the use of Faceless Manipulators onto your demons. If given the choice, you can prioritise which Demon you copy based on the state of the game and the matchup. Against Control and Combo decks, Taintheart Tormenter is generally best, as it will disrupt your opponent and prevent them from removing your board. Against Midrange and Aggro decks, Pit Commander is generally better to flood the board faster, unless you know they are using board clears. Lastly, Illidari Inquisitor can always be a strong choice if you are pushing for lethal damage, as its passive effect will allow it to attack face immediately if your Hero is able to attack.

Against Aggro, you should make liberal use of Lifesteal effects from Eye Beam and Chaos Leech to stay alive. Additionally, you should not hold back on using Immolation Aura as removal either as the value of removal greatly diminishes once you have your Demons in play.

Against Control, you should be cautious with the amount of removal your opponent has, as it is possible for them to kill off all of your minions if you are careless. Taintheart Tormenter are extremely powerful useful and will significantly help in protecting your board, especially if they can be copied with Faceless Manipulator.

Big Demon Hunter Deck Card Swaps

  • Against Aggro — Add 1x Fury (Rank 1) for 1x Ancient Void Hound for additional early-game removal.


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