Bomb Hunter Deck List Guide (The Boomsday Project October 2018)

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General Information

Bomb Hunter is an aggressive Deathrattle Mech Hunter deck built around the numerous Goblin Bomb cards in The Boomsday Project. Bomb Toss and Boommaster Flark enable Hunter to go wide on board with Goblin Bomb tokens, while Fireworks Tech and Spider Bomb make it easy to take advantage of the 0/2 Mech body they leave behind. Originally designed by ActiveLee, Bomb Hunter does a surprisingly good job of controlling the board in the early the game against other board-oriented decks.

1. Bomb Hunter Card List

This Bomb Hunter deck costs 8,440 Arcane Dust and it is made up of the following cards.

Hunter Cards Neutral Cards
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2. Bomb Hunter Mana Curve


3. Aim of Bomb Hunter

Bomb Hunter is an aggressive Mech deck built around Goblin Bomb and cards which generate Goblin Bomb tokens. As a 0/2 Mech, Goblin Bomb is the perfect target for powerful Mech Hunter cards such as Fireworks Tech and Spider Bomb.

4. Bomb Hunter Mulligan

Mecharoo and Fireworks Tech are universal keeps across all matchups. They are the best cards in the deck for establishing early board control against other aggressive decks, and they are capable of applying a substantial amount of pressure to control decks. If your hand is strong, or if you are unsure about which deck you are facing, Tracking is another safe keep in most matchups.

Against other aggro decks, mulligan aggressively for Spider Bomb, Candleshot, and Bomb Toss. Bomb Hunter is excellent at maintaining board control against other aggro decks when it is making proactive plays and finding ways to clear the board while developing its own. It does a much poorer job of catching up when behind, and can be easily punished by other aggro decks if it fails to curve out in the early game.

Against control decks, the most important card in the deck by a very wide margin is Deathstalker Rexxar. Keep Deathstalker Rexxar if you suspect your opponent is trying to make the game go long.

Void Ripper should be kept against Shaman decks for clearing away their 0 Health Totems. It is also strong in the mirror match as it can kill your opponent's Goblin Bombs before they can Magnetized.

5. Bomb Hunter Strategy

5.1. Bomb Hunter Against Fast Decks

Bomb Hunter is well-equipped to take on other aggro decks. Fireworks Tech and Bomb Toss can seize control of the board in the first few turns of the game while simultaneously setting up Mech cards such as Spider Bomb and Wargear to dominate in the midgame.

Try to clear your aggro opponent's board as much as possible in the early and mid game, doing everything in your power to prevent them from getting a foothold in the game. Thanks to Fireworks Tech and Spider Bomb, Bomb Hunter has much stronger plays in the first five turns of the game than most other aggro decks. Leverage this advantage by building an insurmountable early lead against your opponent, and trust that your deck can find enough burst damage to win between your Goblin Bombs and your hero power.

5.2. Bomb Hunter Against Slow Decks

Bomb Hunter has two winning strategies against slower decks: kill them quickly or fatigue them with Deathstalker Rexxar.

The "kill them quickly" strategy is fairly self-explanatory. Apply early pressure to your opponent with aggressive minions and try to set up big Turn 5s with Wargear and Fungalmancer. Use chip damage to get your opponent within range of Boommaster Flark and Void Ripper kills. The trick is to commit just enough resources to the board to force an answer from your opponent, but not so many resources that you get completely blown out by a board wipe. If your opponent does not have a substantial amount of life gain in their deck, your Hero Power and Goblin Bombs should be able to find enough damage to win the game.

The alternative plan against slower decks revolves around Deathstalker Rexxar, one of the most powerful Hero cards in Hearthstone. To help illustrate the power of Deathstalker Rexxar against Control decks, I have shared a replay of one of my ladder matches where I was able to use Deathstalker Rexxar to defeat a control deck in fatigue. You can watch the replay yourself by clicking the link right here. By leaning heavily on the Deathstalker Rexxar Build-a-Beast Hero Power, I was able to comfortably out-value the Dr. Boom, Mad Genius Hero Power in the late game. If used correctly, the Build-a-Beast Hero Power beats the vast majority of other Death Knight and Hero cards in long games.

6. Bomb Hunter Single Card Strategies

6.1. Fireworks Tech

Fireworks Tech is undoubtedly one of the strongest cards in the deck. Against aggressive decks, try to save Fireworks Tech for a Spider Bomb to help seize control of the board in the mid game. Against slower decks, use Fireworks Tech on your Mecharoos to apply fast pressure to your opponent.

6.2. Void Ripper

Void Ripper is frequently able to generate damage with its Battlecry ability if used correctly. The most obvious use of Void Ripper is to blow up your own Goblin Bombs, but it can be also use to reduce the health on large Taunt minions, set up favorable trades, or boost the Attack of your minions like Houndmaster Shaw. Unfortunately, Void Ripper is weak against a wide variety of aggressive decks. In these matchups, it is much better to play Void Ripper early for board presence than it is to hold onto it for value.

7. Bomb Hunter Key Cards and Swaps

7.1. Legendaries

Both Boommaster Flark and Deathstalker Rexxar add a substantial amount of power to Bomb Hunter, and are not easily replaceable with other cards. For budget reasons, you could play Flanking Strike in place of either of these Legendaries.

Houndmaster Shaw is not nearly as strong in Bomb Hunter as it is Deathrattle Hunter. Shaw can be replaced by a Flanking Strike or a Giggling Inventor for budget reasons, or for personal taste.

7.2. Epics

Void Ripper is capable of generating massive amounts of burst damage with Goblin Bombs, but it is not necessary for the deck to function. Void Ripper can be replaced by a card which is stronger when played on curve, such as Bronze Gatekeeper, Eaglehorn Bow, or Tar Creeper.

7.3. Flex Slots

Bomb Hunter has a healthy number of flex cards. Goblin Bomb, Void Ripper, and Houndmaster Shaw are all considered to be flex cards, and can be swapped out for any combination of the following:

8. Budget Bomb Hunter Deck

The budget version of Bomb Hunter is significantly stronger than many other budget decks. Though the loss of Deathstalker Rexxar is big, the other Legendary and Epic cards in the deck are not nearly as strong as Bomb Hunter's key Commons and Rares:

Hunter Cards Neutral Cards
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9. Quick Tips and Tricks

  • Dire Wolf Alpha is best used in combination with Explodinator or Boommaster Flark to clear away your own Goblin Bombs.
  • Try not to use Tracking until you are confident that you know which deck you are up against.
  • It is not very difficult to find a Deathrattle minion for Fireworks Tech. Consequently, you should almost never play this card without a target for its Battlecry ability.

10. Similar Hearthstone Decks

If you enjoyed playing this deck, then you will probably enjoy playing other Hunter decks. Deathrattle Hunter is another aggressive Hunter deck that applies pressure with powerful Deathrattle abilities, while Spell Hunter uses Secrets and Lesser Emerald Spellstone to flood the board with Wolf tokens.

11. Changelog

  • 26 Oct. 2018: Updated for Giggling Inventor nerfs. Cut the two Venomizers for two Terroscale Stalkers.
  • 02 Sep. 2018: Updated for September. Replaced Necromechanic with Zilliax.
  • 08 Aug. 2018: Deck added.
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