Cheap Hunter Wild Deck

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This cheap Hunter deck:

  • has been designed for players who have levelled most classes to Level 10, cleared the AI, and are looking to start climbing in Ranked mode;
  • costs 1,000 Arcane Dust or less;
  • is built entirely of Basic, Common and Rare cards.

Cheap Hunter Wild Deck

Our deck costs 1,000 Arcane Dust and it is made up of the following cards.

Hunter Cards Neutral Cards
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Mana Curve



This particular version of Hunter sacrifices some of the fast starting power of cards like Leper Gnome, and the consistent damage of cards like Wolfrider and instead focuses on a strong midrange curve of minions to maintain pressure on the opponent throughout the mid-game. Should the opponent be able to fight back and gain control of the board, cards like Unleash the Hounds, Kill Command, and the Hunter Hero Power can help you to seal the game.


Card Choices

In this section we will discuss some of the cards that have been chosen, how to use them effectively, and why they are chosen over other possibilities. Hopefully this will both help you to succeed with this deck, as well as inform your own deck building decisions in the future.

Fiery Bat and Jeweled Macaw are a strong starting point for getting the deck early board control. Having 1-Mana Beasts is very important in a deck such as this because even if you draw them later in the game, they can be used as a cheap activator for cards like Kill Command and Houndmaster and should usually be held for this purpose if you miss them on curve.

Crackling Razormaw is an excellent card overall and is especially powerful in this deck due to the large number of Beasts being played, almost guaranteeing value from its Battlecry.

Bloodfen Raptor and River Crocolisk are included in the deck since although they are relatively unspectacular on their own, one of the key strengths of this deck is the ability to threaten a Houndmaster on turn 4, or turn 3 with The Coin. An on curve Houndmaster is potentially game-winning regardless of what Beast it is placed on.

Animal Companion is another fantastic value card. At 3 Mana it grants you a Beast which is always more powerful than a standard 3 Mana minion. Even though you cannot control which Companion you are given, there are plenty of situations where you do not mind which you receive, and the turns where you get the exact one you need can be devastating.

Eaglehorn Bow is an important card. It is used both for eliminating your opponent's minions, to enable your own minions to continue to push for damage, as well as for attacking your opponent's life total directly.

Kill Command is one of your primary finishers in the deck. At 3 Mana for 5 damage it is an extremely efficient spell. However, do not be afraid to use it to clear a problematic minion if necessary.

Houndmaster can be used to buff up a small Beast minion to a much more imposing threat. If Houndmaster is able to be played while activating its Battlecry, it represents incredible value for a 4 Mana card.

Infested Wolf is one of the few cards introduced to the game that can compete with Piloted Shredder in terms of potential stats. Since Piloted Shredder has rotated out of the format, Hunter gain a strong advantage by being the only class able to play a valid replacement. On top of this, unlike the departed Haunted Creeper, the Spider tokens summoned from Infested Wolf are Beasts, which creates incredible synergy with Tundra Rhino and Houndmaster as you move up the curve.

Stranglethorn Tiger is included in the deck as a late-game threat. This card in particular is chosen since its Stealth can help to guarantee a Houndmaster or Kill Command in the late-game.

Savannah Highmane is one of the most powerful cards in the game and a crucial inclusion to give you enough sustainability against heavier control decks. Due to the large body, and the Deathrattle effect, this card is almost impossible for most classes to deal with efficiently.


Card Omissions

Here we will talk about some of the cards that are not included to help you understand and identify weaker cards, hopefully improving your deck building skills.

On the Hunt is left out of the deck since its overall power level is too weak to justify a card slot. It is essentially an Elven Archer with additional Beast synergy, which can prove useful but is too weak in too many situations to justify carrying in your deck.

None of the Hunter secrets are used despite the inclusion of Eaglehorn Bow since without access to Mad Scientist, the Hunter secrets are quite slow and situational. Eaglehorn Bow still represents good value as a 3 Mana version of one of the best cards in the game; Fiery War Axe.

Many of Hunter's removal options such as Powershot, Multi-Shot, and Explosive Shot are left out of the deck because they are too reactive and situational. The goal of this deck is to be proactive with minions and be able to trade on the board if required. The removal package in this deck is limited to cards that can double up as being aggressive, such as Kill Command and Unleash the Hounds, and a single copy of Deadly Shot.


Card Swaps

Obviously, as a Cheap deck, this list has a lot of room for improvement. As you progress with the game and gain access to more cards and Arcane Dust, here are some additions that you may consider.

If you have access to the One Night in Karazhan expansion, Kindly Grandmother can replace the Bloodfen Raptors in the deck and almost functions as a pure upgrade.

Outside of this, some of the best additions you can make to this deck are Call of the Wild, Rat Pack, and Stampeding Kodo.

For other strong cards to consider, look at our full budget Hunter decks, or our Crafting Guide.



  • 12 Apr. 2017: Deck updated for the Journey to Un'Goro expansion. Removed 2x Kings Elekk, 1x Dark Iron Dwarf, 1x Stanglethorn Tiger for 2x Jeweled Macaw, 2x Crackling Razormaw.
  • 27 May 2016: Deck Added
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