Control Hunter Archetype Guide

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Control Hunter has long been talked about, but has not been a viable archetype before, mainly because of the Hero Power Steady Shot not being designed as a controlling influence. With the release of Knights of the Frozen Throne, this problem was partially solved with the addition of Deathstalker Rexxar. This allows the player wishing to play Control Hunter the opportunity to have a Hero Power, Build-A-Beast, that is better suited to a long game.

Bonemare and The Lich King were also added to the mix in Knights of the Frozen Throne, which gives the archetype some much needed Taunt and late-game value, without having to stoop to weak cards.

Below, you will find link to our deck lists for Control Hunter, starting with our featured deck, which we consider the most common variant.

JAB Control Hunter Deck is a version of Control Hunter that is great against Midrange decks and other Control decks. It makes great use of Bonemare to close out tight games, and Deathstalker Rexxar to generate value in slow matchups.


Aim of the Archetype

Control Hunter is like Midrange Hunter in that it curves out in a similar fashion and is capable of applying early pressure. Sometimes that pressure ends up winning in the exact same manner to Midrange Hunter. The major difference though, is that Control Hunter has a range of late-game options that give value, most notably Deathstalker Rexxar, but also The Lich King and Bonemare.


Strengths and Weaknesses

Control Hunter is strong against most Midrange decks due to the huge amount of value it can generate. It is also well placed against most other Control decks as it has the dual threat of delivering early lethal damage, while still being able to use Build-A-Beast in the late-game to keep the damage coming if the first push fails.

Naturally for a deck that is strong against Midrange and Control, Control Hunter is generally weak against Aggro decks. It is able to hang on by using an efficient minion curve and with judicious use of its removal, but it can be overwhelmed.


Key Cards and Crafting

This archetype uses The Lich King and Deathstalker Rexxar to generate value. The Lich King is difficult to replace due to the fact that Stitched Tracker is in the deck to fetch it. Deathstalker Rexxar defines the deck to some degree. Our recommendation if you cannot use Deathstalker Rexxar is that you switch to Midrange Hunter. If you cannot use The Lich King, you can try Swamp King Dred, or a big Taunt minion, but the deck will lose a lot of its power.

Rat Pack can be changed for any other decent sticky Hunter minion. Infested Wolf, or Bearshark can be tried if you want to get a feel for the deck before crafting the Rat Pack.



  • 13 Aug. 2017: Added new archetype for Control Hunter. Control Hunter will usually contain Deathstalker Rexxar for late game value.
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