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Face Hunter (AKA Aggro Hunter) Deck List Guide

Last updated on Dec 12, 2017 at 08:45 by L0rinda 27 comments

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The concept behind Face Hunter (also called Aggro Hunter) is a very straightforward one. The idea is to deliver as much damage as possible to the opponent as quickly as possible. This means that the decks will contain many cheap, efficient, minions and cost-efficient direct damage spells. The loss of Quick Shot when Blackrock Mountain left Standard hurt the archetype in that format, but it still survives as a playable deck in the right metagame.

Below, you will find link to our deck lists for Face Hunter, starting with our featured deck, which we consider the most common variant.

Reynad Face Hunter Deck takes advantage of Corridor Creeper, which was released in the Kobolds and Catacombs expansion. The deck is able to apply the usual early pressure that Face Hunter enjoys, but can follow up with efficient large minions to deliver the final points of damage if needed.

Face Hunter Deck is a traditional version of Aggro Hunter. It uses plenty of early game minions to challenge the board. This deck was a part of Stan Cifka's winning line-up in the Vienna tournament at the start of the Journey to Un'Goro meta.

1. Aim of the Archetype

The aim of the deck is to curve out very aggressively and gain rapid control of the early board. Although the plan is to deliver as much damage to the opponent as possible, it is often the case that you will do more damage if you trade in the opening turns to give your minions free reign to start doing large amounts of damage. The final points of damage are often done with Steady Shot or Kill Command.

2. Strengths and Weaknesses

Decks that can fight for the early board or stabilise into healing are good against Face Hunter. One of the reasons that Face Hunter fell out of favour in the Journey to Un'Goro ladder meta is that a lot of decks are able to fulfil these conditions.

The deck is still a good one when teched against specific matchups though, and is worthy of consideration particularly at the lower end of the ladder, where players defend themselves less well, or in tournament play, where the targeting of one deck can be better used. Flare in particular can be used to make Face Hunter very strong against Burn Mage or Secret Mage

3. Key Cards and Crafting

Rat Pack can be swapped out for Infested Wolf, although this will slow down the deck significantly. There are versions of the deck that do not run Rat Pack at all, so it might be worth looking at those rather than making the swap.

As already stated, various cards can be substituted in depending on the decks you are hoping to target. Hungry Crab can be introduced to cope with Murlocs, Golakka Crawler deals with Pirates, and Flare is strong against Mage decks that use Secrets.

4. ChangeLog

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  • 12 Dec. 2017: Featured deck changed to Reynad.
  • 04 Aug. 2017: Aggro (Face) Hunter archetype added.
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