Freddy B's Odd Face Hunter Deck

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Odd Hunter relies on odd Mana cost cards as it uses Baku the Mooneater to upgrade the Steady Shot Hero Power so that it does 3 damage per shot instead of 2. The deck aims to rapidly reduce the enemy Health total to zero, with fights for the board often only occurring in the first couple of turns. This build of the deck was created by professional Hearthstone player Freddy B.


Freddy B's Odd Hunter Card List

This deck costs 4,920 Arcane Dust and it is made up of the following cards.

Hunter Cards Neutral Cards
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Freddy B's Odd Hunter Mana Curve


Freddy B's Odd Hunter Strategy


Aim of Freddy B's Odd Hunter

The aim of Face Hunter decks is a simple one, to reduce your opponent to zero Health as rapidly as possible. This will usually involve a small amount of early trading to clear the way for minions, followed by a lot of damage from the board, Steady Shot, and direct damage from hand all pointing at the opponent's face. With Odd Hunter, the Hero Power starts as the upgraded Ballista Shot which is a very potent source of recurring damage.


Mulligan for Freddy B's Odd Hunter

Due to the nature of only having odd Mana costs in the deck, the mulligan should be considered carefully and can be planned very differently depending on whether you have The Coin or not. If you do not have The Coin, finding things to do on Turn 2 is at a premium. This makes Fire Fly and Tracking valuable assets.

If you do have The Coin, you can try to keep Mana costs of 1,3,3 so as to get a very powerful start. Animal Companion and Eaglehorn Bow are particularly strong on Turns 2 and 3 in this deck. If you have multiple 1-drops, these can still be kept, with the intention of using The Coin on Turn 4. As each hand will be different, you should get used to planning your curve with the odd Mana costs in mind.


Early Game

Although you are trying to deliver rapid damage, the opening turns will involve trying to dominate the board. If you can remove opposing minions with value trades, you can clear the way for your own minions to hit the opponent several times each. It is often correct to hit an opposing minion with Candleshot even if that hit does not kill the minion. If you can kill it over two, or even three turns, it will open the way for your larger minions to start to attack the opponent directly. You do not require many hits with a 4/4 Misha, or 4/2 Huffer to enable your Ballista Shot to finish off the game.


Mid Game

Your resources in this deck are very limited, and so if you are not able to develop a large minion such as Bittertide Hydra you will be looking to set aside 2-Mana for your Hero Power on many of the turns during this stage of the game. Playing a 3-drop alongside pressing the Hero Power button will often do more long-term damage than playing two minions.

You should also try to keep track of how much damage you have in your hand and work out how many turns it is likely to take to kill your opponent. Blackwald Pixie is an important consideration in this regard. You will need to judge whether it will have a significant impact on the game. If you think that it will die to an AoE spell, or will not connect with the face for some other reason, it is often best played on Turn 7 so that its ability can be used to do another 3 damage with Ballista Shot.

Kill Command is also a vital part of the lethal damage considerations. In some situations, saving it to do 5 damage to the opponent means that you can win more quickly, but it is also able to remove an opposing minion to let your own minions connect more times. In general, if you are ahead on the board, it will tend to be worth removing annoying blockers, while if you have lost control of the board, the Kill Command will be best used as direct damage.



  • 13 Apr. 2018: Deck Added. This is Freddy B's build of Odd Face Hunter which takes advantage of Baku the Mooneater's ability to upgrade the Hero Power.
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