Garrote Rogue Deck

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This guide contains detailed strategy, mulligan, and deck-building information to help you improve your Garrote Rogue play for The Deadmines expansion meta.

Garrote Rogue is a powerful OTK deck that aims to rapidly draw through its deck before utilising Garrotes to burst down opponents. The deck pulls off combos by consistently drawing all bleeds from Garrotes at the same time, due to having an empty deck, and empowering them with Spell Damage for massive amounts of burst damage.

Card List

Rogue Cards
0 Preparation Core 1
0 Shadowstep Core 2
1 Blackwater Cutlass UiS 2
1 Brain Freeze SA 1
1 Prize Plunderer MDF 2
1 Secret Passage SA 2
1 Wand Thief SA 1
2 Garrote UiS 2
2 Swindle MDF 2
3 Efficient Octo-bot FitB 2
3 Field Contact FitB 2
3 Shroud of Concealment FitB 2
Neutral Cards
1 Animated Broomstick SA 1
1 Ethereal Augmerchant AO 2
1 Guardian Augmerchant AO 2
1 Pen Flinger SA 1
2 Cult Neophyte SA 1
3 Rustrot Viper UiS 1
4 Guild Trader UiS 1

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Garrote Rogue Deck Mulligan

Garrote Rogue is a powerful draw-based deck that aims to rapidly draw all of its cards in order to OTK opponents. To enable this, you should look for key draw and Mana-discounting cards to boost the deck's consistency.

  • General MulliganField Contact, Efficient Octo-bot, Shroud of Concealment.
  • Mulligan Against AggroPrize Plunderer
  • Mulligan Against ControlSwindle.

Garrote Rogue Deck Strategy

During the early game, your aim is to mitigate damage while searching for your key cards, Efficient Octo-bot and Field Contact. During this time you can make use of Prize Plunderer, Guardian Augmerchant, and Brain Freeze to keep the board under control.

Once you have both Field Contact and Efficient Octo-bot in hand, you should begin looking for opportunities to trigger your Octobot, with cards like Guardian Augmerchant and Pen Flinger in order to discount your Field Contact and other cheap cards in hand. The following turn, you should use your discounted Field Contact with as many cheap Battlecry and Combo cards as possible, with the exception of Ethereal Augmerchant, to cycle through your deck. Once you are finished, if you have not drawn your second Field Contact, you can use Shadowstep to return one to your hand.

Whilst executing your strategy, you can also make very liberal use of Secret Passages on turns you have Mana to spare. Unlike other Rogue decks, Garrote Rogue solely uses Secret Passage to thin its deck. This means you should try to play as many cards from it as possible that are not the essential Field Contact, Efficient Octo-bot, Ethereal Augmerchant, and Garrote.

As you close in to the bottom of your deck and have access to a Field Contact, you can begin setting up for your final combo. This ideally happens around Turn 7 or 8. When going for this final push, you can additionally make use of Ethereal Augmerchants on your Field Contacts and Efficient Octo-bots to boost your Spell Damage. After the Spell Damage has been played, you can also make use of your Garrotes to add bleeds to your deck. Once the Spell Damage and Garrotes have been used, you can simply draw any remaining cards in your deck, including your bleeds, to burst down your opponent.

Against Aggro, you should make liberal use of your cards to control the board. In many cases, you will simply be able to win the game by consistently killing off minions with Prize Plunderers and Augmerchants, allowing you to slowly chip away at your opponent's Health. Even if the game goes long enough for you to combo, this chip damage means it is unlikely you will need Spell Damage for your final combo, allowing you to make use of Ethereal Augmerchants to control the board as well.

Against Control, it is likely your opponent will have access to Armor or healing, so it is important to maximise the damage of your combo. This largely means holding onto Shadowsteps if possible for use on Ethereal Augmerchants to maximise the damage of your final combo. By default, 2 Spell Damage and 2 Garrotes will deal 32 damage to your opponent. Using Shadowstep to get 3 Spell Damage will boost this to 40 damage, and using both Shadowsteps to get 4 Spell Damage will boost this number to 48. With this in mind, you should plan accordingly based on how much damage you expect to require to win the game.

Garrote Rogue Deck Card Swaps

  • Against Aggro — Add 1x Brain Freeze for 1x Guild Trader.
  • Against Control — Add 1x Preparation for 1x Rustrot Viper.


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