Pure Paladin Deck List Guide - Madness at the Darkmoon Faire November 2020

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This guide contains detailed Strategy, Mulligan, and deck-building information to help you play Pure Paladin in The Madness at the Darkmoon Faire expansion meta.

Pure Paladin, sometimes refered to as Paladin Paladin, is a Midrange archetype that adheres to the deckbuilding restriction of only using class cards. This allows the Battlecries of minions like Lightforged Crusader to be activated to get the deck large amounts of value in the late game.

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Pure Paladin Mulligan Guide

Pure Paladin is a Midrange deck that relies largely on board control. You should mulligan for a smooth opening curve to get onto the board as quickly as possible.

Pure Paladin Strategy

Your aim when playing Pure Paladin should be to efficiently play your minions in the strongest curve possible. The stat-efficient minions in the deck make it easy to contest the board, however, if you fall behind, there are a few comeback tools in the form of Consecration and Lightforged Zealot. When you feel comfortable to do so, you should try to fit Aldor Attendant and Aldor Truthseeker into your turns to discount your Librams and significantly boost the tempo of your future turns, with the notable potential to make your Libram of Wisdom free to play. Should you begin to run out of cards before you can close out the game, the deck's special card, Lightforged Crusader, provides a massive 5-card reload to keep on fighting.

Against Aggro, you should be very cautious about the deck's lack of removal tools and ensure you take value trades at every opportunity to help stay in control of the board. Over time, you will comfortably outvalue your opponent due to Lightforged Crusader.

Against Control, you should try to get the most value out of your cards. The easiest way to do this is to discount your Librams by at least 2, allowing you to play your Libram of Wisdom for free whenever it is in your hand. This will advantage will pay off massively when you play Lady Liadrin, providing you with a hand full of Librams to buff your minions each turn, making even your Silver Hand Recruits a threat to your opponent.

Pure Paladin Card Swaps


  • 18 Nov. 2020: Deck has been updated for the Madness of at the Darkmoon Faire expansion. Removed 2x Amber Watcher, 2x Bronze Explorer, 2x Gift of Luminescence, 2x Goody Two-Shields, 1x Lightforged Crusader, 1x Murgur Murgurgle for 2x Balloon Merchant, 2x Carnival Baker, 2x Air Raid, 2x Day at the Faire, 1x Lothraxion the Redeemed, 1x High Exarch Yrel.
  • 06 Aug. 2020: Deck has been updated for the Scholomance Academy expansion. Removed 2x Brazen Zealot, 2x Blessing of Kings, 2x Micro Mummy, 1x Sandwasp Queen, 1x Tirion Fordring for 2x Hand of A'dal, 2x Argent Braggart, 2x Gift of Luminance, 2x Goody Two-Shields.
  • 07 Apr. 2020: Deck updated for the Ashes of Outland expansion. Removed 2x Glowstone Technician, 2x Sky Claw, 2x Sanctuary, 2x Crystology, 2x Glow-Tron, 1x Aldor Peacekeeper for 2x Libram of Wisdom, 2x Aldor Attendant, 2x Aldor Truthseeker, 2x Libram of Justice, 1x Lady Liadrin, 1x Murgur Murgurgle.
  • 11 Dec. 2019: Deck Added
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