J4CKIECHAN's Theorycrafted Quest Hunter Deck

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The Hunter Quest is called The Marsh Queen, and as with all of the Quests, it has significant problems to overcome, and a fantastic reward for overcoming them. The reward, Queen Carnassa is not only an 8/8 for 5 Mana, but adds 15 Carnassa's Brood to your deck. At first glance, it appears that these will flood the board and lead to a rapid victory, however, as the deck needs to contain many 1-drops to enable it to complete the quest, there is a danger that that might not be the case. This is because there will be many occasions after completing the Quest that you draw a 1-drop on turn 7, and have no other play. The deck therefore needs to be carefully balanced so as to complete the Quest, but not to have too many bad draws after the Quest is complete.

This version of the deck was theorycrafted by pro player J4CKIECHAN before the release of The Witchwood expansion. As such, the list will be subject to rapid change, and it is ill-advised to spend much dust building it at this time.


J4CKIECHAN's Quest Hunter Card List

This deck costs 8,160 Arcane Dust and it is made up of the following cards.

Hunter Cards Neutral Cards
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J4CKIECHAN's Quest Hunter Mana Curve


Aim of J4CKIECHAN's Quest Hunter

This deck is designed to kill your opponent quickly. Although the Quest is the focal point, the deck will be generating a tremendous amount of pressure through its minions, and sometimes will be able to win the game with minion pressure without even completing the Quest. Upon completing the Quest, the deck is designed to win through the value generated thereafter without having a prohibitive number of bad draws.


J4CKIECHAN's Quest Hunter Strategy

In this deck, the Quest will almost always be kept in your hand, and then played on turn one. From that point onward, you will be looking to put as much attack on the board as possible, using 1-drops where available. Due to the large number of 1-drops in the deck, which are required to complete the Quest, there is a danger that after completing the Quest, that your draws will become very poor if you do not draw a Carnassa's Brood. With that in mind, you will sometimes try to save your Tracking and Tol'vir Warden until after the Quest is completed. You should remember, though, that these cards will also often be instrumental in completing the Quest. This means that you will only want to hold them back if it is practical to do so.

Against slower decks, there is usually no hurry to complete the Quest. You can apply pressure with your minions and take care of your hand size to some degree. The Quest will make sure that you are able to continue to apply pressure later into the game.


Card Draw

Jeweled Macaw, Fire Fly, and Ravencaller are included to try to make sure that the deck does not run out of cards. Tracking is also included to help diversity, and should be used as late as possible to pick out something from your deck that fits the situation you are in. The deck contains slightly more 1-of-a-kind cards than most decks due to this, and your Tracking can be used to use or discard those cards as required.


J4CKIECHAN's Quest Hunter Mulligan

You will keep the Quest in all but the most exceptional of circumstances, and will be looking to play two 1-drops on Turn 2. Prince Keleseth is so powerful that it can be kept in your opening hand. If your curve dictates it, you can keep Ravencaller, although you will be hoping to play multiple 1-drops on Turn 3 if possible.


Individual Cards


Tol'vir Warden

Tol'vir Warden is usually going to be used to fetch the final two 1-drops required to finish the Quest. It does, however, also have the ability to stop you running out of steam if you fail to draw a Carnassa's Brood after completing the Quest.



  • 12 Apr. 2018: Updated for The Witchwood expansion
  • 07 Apr. 2017: Removed 1x Tracking, 1x Emerald Reaver for 2x Scavenging Hyena.
  • 05 Apr. 2017: Hunter Quest deck, with Tracking toolkit for versatility.
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