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Secret Hunter Deck List Guide

Last updated on Dec 10, 2017 at 16:53 by L0rinda 14 comments

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Secret Hunter came into being as a serious archetype with the release of Cloaked Huntress in the One Night in Karazhan adventure. Cloaked Huntress offers a great tempo swing when played with Secrets in hand. In the same adventure, Cat Trick was also released, which is a very powerful Secret in the archetype.

There are various ways to approach building Secret Hunter decks, and although the archetype is fundamentally an aggressive one, due to the power of the Cloaked Huntress, it is still possible to play a little slower and take a more midrange approach.

Below, you will find link to our deck lists for Secret Hunter, starting with our featured deck, which we consider the most common variant.

Spellstone Secret Hunter Deck uses the synergy between Lesser Emerald Spellstone and Secrets to add some mid-game pressure to an aggressive shell. Although the deck seems to do very little damage for the first three turns, the following turns often result in large amounts of damage and a relatively fast victory. Due to the addition of Wandering Monster, this version of the deck can also withstand most early assaults.

Sentavian's Rank #13 Legend Secret Hunter Deck is a different aggressive build of Secret Hunter, and relies more on the secrets than Kranich's list. This version contains six secrets and four crabs, which it manages to use as tech cards without detracting heavily from the deck's aims. The deck was built by Sentavian, who took it to Rank #13 Legend.

Kranich Secret Hunter Deck is a very aggressive build of Secret Hunter and capable of beating most major archetypes. It was piloted by Kranich to the top four of the APAC Spring Playoffs 2017. It is unusual in that although it still runs Cloaked Huntress, it only runs four Secrets in the package and the board is often build from Turn 2 onwards rather than Turn 1.

Midrange Secret Hunter Deck is a slower version of Secret Hunter designed to keep pressure coming throughout the game. It contains several 1-of cards which can be found via Tracking and many more traps than the most streamlined versions of the deck. This deck should be considered a theme deck aimed at players who enjoy a lot of synergy in their decks, and for games to play out differently each time.

Wild Hybrid Secret Hunter Deck is a slower version of Wild Secret Hunter that uses the powerful openers to safely transition through to mid-game. The early turns leave opponents on the back foot and very vulnerable to powerful Midrange minions like Piloted Shredder and Savannah Highmane that can swiftly end the game.

Wild Pirate Face Secret Hunter Deck uses a combination of Secrets and Pirates for incredibly explosive starts. This variant aims to use its early-game strength to rush down opponents as fast as possible, relying on direct damage to finish off opponents where necessary.

Wild Face Secret Hunter Deck is a very fast version of Secret Hunter that uses the explosive openers of Secret Hunter in combination with Charge minions to rush down opponents for quick victories.

1. Aim of the Archetype

Secret Hunter aims to put large amounts of power on the board in the first three turns and use the strong start to keep the opponent off the board, while simultaneously delivering large amounts of damage. Cloaked Huntress is used to provide a big swing turn. Although this is often on Turn 3, it is not unusual for the Huntress turn to be delayed until any secrets in hand will have their desired effect.

After those turns, the deck can be built to either try to finish off the opponent rapidly, or to maintain a steady flow of threats until the opponent can no longer keep up. In either case, the deck will struggle if it surrenders the early advantage too quickly.

2. Strengths and Weaknessess

One of the strengths of the archetype is that it is versatile enough to tech against whatever it wants to be strong against. Flare in particular can lead to great matchups against Mage decks. The deck is also capable of explosive starts which can take down nearly any opponent when they happen.

Conversely, the deck will also sometimes flop completely. If the wrong mix of Secret cards and Cloaked Huntress are drawn, the deck can have some very poor starts, which lead to auto-losses.

3. Key Cards and Crafting

Although important, Leeroy Jenkins is replaceable by Reckless Rocketeer. You will be able to judge for yourself how often the extra Mana cost and the one fewer damage actually costs you a game. At that point you will be able to make an informed decision on whether you are willing to spend the 1600 dust on Leeroy

Call of the Wild is not a card that you will need in most versions of the deck, and Hungry Crab is a tech card. You can also live without Snake Trap in most metagames. For each of these cards, you can substitute any card that you see in other variants of the deck with little downside.

4. ChangeLog

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  • 27 Aug. 2017: Featured deck changed from Midrange to Kranich
  • 08 Aug. 2017: Added new guide format for the Secret Hunter Archetype.
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