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Spell Hunter Deck List Guide

Last updated on Feb 11, 2018 at 11:49 by L0rinda 13 comments

Table of Contents

Spell Hunter became a new archetype in the Kobolds and Catacombs expansion, when Rhok'delar introduced the new mechanic of requiring your deck to have zero remaining minions to activate the Battlecry.

The challenge of building such a deck is to make sure that you survive long enough to get to the Rhok'delar, and also to have enough balance in the deck to be able to go on the offensive if required.

Below, you will find link to our deck lists for Spell Hunter, starting with our featured deck, which we consider the most common variant.

This deck aims to survive until it can play Rhok'delar, and then win by using the incredible value that the weapon provides. There are enough threats in the deck that if your opponent is slow, you can punish them for it.

Bragi's Rank #1 Legend Phantom Spell Hunter Deck was played by Bragi to #1 Legend in two different metagames. It has the usual Spell Hunter shell, but contains a Barnes and Y'Shaarj, Rage Unbound combo to steal some early-game victories.

1. Aim of the Archetype

Spell Hunter plays Rhok'delar to refill its hand in the mid-game. The tremendous amount of card advantage that Rhok'delar provides means that the Hunter can overwhelm opponents through value.

As Spell Hunter is unable to play minions, it relies heavily on cards such as Animal Companion for its board presence. Due to there not being enough such cards to really put pressure onto opponents, swing cards like Flanking Strike are used to try to keep control of the board.

2. Strengths and Weaknesses

Due to the limitation of not being able to play any minions, and with Rhok'delar being Legendary, decks that rush down the Hunter can be problematic. Conversely, if you are given enough time to develop and get to Rhok'delar, the sheer weight of volume of cards drawn will challenge most Control decks.

3. Key Cards and Crafting

3.1. Legendaries

Rhok'delar is the card that the entire deck is built around. Without this card, there is no point in playing the deck.

Deathstalker Rexxar can be replaced with any of the other one-of cards in the deck. It is not essential to the build.

3.2. Epics

To My Side! and Call of the Wild are not essential to the archetype, and can be replaced by an additional copy of any of the one-ofs already in the deck.

4. ChangeLog

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  • 07 Dec. 2017: Archetype added. This archetype uses Rhok'delar to sustain the deck in the late-game, and as such plays no minions.
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