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Spellstone Secret Hunter Deck

Last updated on Dec 10, 2017 at 16:53 by L0rinda 14 comments

Table of Contents

The introduction of Lesser Emerald Spellstone in Kobolds and Catacombs allowed for Secret decks to have the mid-game push they were previously lacking. This deck takes advantage of the synergy between the Spellstone and Secrets to create a board that is very difficult to deal with.

1. Spellstone Secret Hunter Card List

This deck costs 3,120 Arcane Dust and it is made up of the following cards.

Hunter Cards Neutral Cards

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2. Spellstone Secret Hunter Mana Curve


3. Spellstone Secret Hunter Strategy

4. Aim of Spellstone Secret Hunter

This deck aims to set up a powerful board by using the tempo gain from Cloaked Huntress along with the value inherent in early-game Beast cards, and mid-game Lesser Emerald Spellstone. The plan is to deplete the opponent's resources and then rapidly kill them once that has been achieved.

5. Mulligan and Early-Game for Spellstone Secret Hunter

Although the focal point of the deck is Secrets, there is also an element of Beast synergy. This means that you should always pay close attention to your opening hand so that you get the most out of any synergies that might be in there. For instance, if you have The Coin, Dire Mole, and Houndmaster, you will want to pay serious attention to the prospects of a Turn 3 buff on the Mole. If you feel that your opponent will not have killed it by then, you can keep the Houndmaster.

In general, you will be looking to keep Secret synergy. One Secret is usually enough, as long as it is appropriate to your opponent, and any 1-drop is always a good thing. In the absence of any synergetic cards, you can keep a good Mana curve and this will usually turn out reasonably well.

There are six Secrets in the deck, which means that Cloaked Huntress is usually a keep, even without a Secret, as there is a decent chance that you will pick one up before playing the Huntress, and even if you do not, a 3/4 for 3 Mana is a reasonable play on Turn 3.

5.1. Early Game

The deck is generally looking to do a lot of damage from around Turn 6 onwards, but any damage it can deliver in the early-game is welcome. You will often spend the first three turns setting up Secrets, and removing the opposing board. Once this is done, you can turn your attention to killing your opponent.

5.2. Mid Game

The mid-game with this deck revolves around making a huge threat on Turn 5. This will usually be in the form of four 3/3 minions from Lesser Emerald Spellstone, but if you play fewer minions with the Spellstone, or just play Bittertide Hydra, you will still often be in a very powerful position to deal a lot of damage on Turns six and seven. Once this is done, you can usually use Steady Shot, Leeroy Jenkins, or Kill Command to finish off your opponent.

5.3. Hero Power

After Turn 5, you will often begin to run low on resources. At this point, you will be looking to maximize your damage output. One way to do this is to assign two Mana every turn to using your Hero Power, and then spending any remaining Mana on your cards. This means that you will be able to do more damage with your limited resources in the long run. You should note, however, that sometimes you will be under pressure to do as much damage as you can in a short space of time. In those situations, you will have to consider whether you can set up lethal by playing all of your cards immediately.

6. Single Card Strategies

6.1. Secrets

The secrets presented in this guide are aimed at a reasonably aggressive metagame. Should you find yourself in a different metagame, you can tweak them accordingly. Freezing Trap can be very strong against decks which play one or two large minions, as can Snipe.

The secrets included in this build are aimed at board dominance. Cat Trick will usually be triggered early, and allow you to push through quite a lot of damage. Wandering Monster and Explosive Trap are both good at keeping your opponent's board under control. Any ways that deal with their board that are not minions are very desirable, as your minions are limited and would rather be hitting face than trading.

6.2. Eaglehorn Bow

A common mistake with Eaglehorn Bow is to attack face with the first charge because there is another one in reserve. However, this logic is faulty because you will usually not want to use the second charge as you will be waiting for the durability to be buffed when a Secret is triggered. This means that you should usually not use the first charge on the bow unless you are removing an important opposing minion so as to protect your board.

You should bear in mind that in the mid-game, you might want to kill your opponent as fast as possible. If you feel that you can kill them without waiting for the buff from Secrets, then you should do so.

6.3. Lesser Emerald Spellstone

It is usually false economy to hold back from casting the Lesser Emerald Spellstone when you can. Even if you would get one extra minion on the following turn, the loss of tempo is often not worth it.

7. Card Swaps for Spellstone Secret Hunter

If you do not own Leeroy Jenkins, you can substitute in Reckless Rocketeer. You do lose more than damage and efficiency with this change though, as you also lose potential synergy with Unleash the Hounds.

8. About the Author

L0rinda has extensive experience with Hearthstone. After starting out with Arena and becoming one of the most prominent streamers in that format, he moved over to Constructed and now primarily spends his time as a caster for Blizzard, Starladder, and Dreamhack.

9. ChangeLog

  • 10 Dec. 2017: Deck Added. This deck uses the synergy between Lesser Emerald Spellstone and Secrets for mid-game burst.
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