Aggro Druid Deck - United in Stormwind

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This guide contains detailed Strategy, Mulligan, and deck-building information to help you play Aggro Druid in The Deadmines expansion meta.

Aggro Druid is a hyper-aggressive archetype that aims to flood the board as quickly as possible. It heavily utilises Razormane Battleguard and Oracle of Elune to discount and duplicate minions as a means to flood the board before turning that tempo into burst damage through the use of is full of Arbor Up to close out games.

Card List

Druid Cards
1 Adorable Infestation SA 2
1 Druid of the Reef UiS 2
1 Sow the Soil UiS 2
2 Composting UiS 2
2 Jerry Rig Carpenter UiS 2
2 Razormane Battleguard FitB 2
3 Oracle of Elune UiS 2
4 Park Panther UiS 2
5 Arbor Up MDF 2
5 Greybough MDF 1
5 Teacher's Pet SA 2
Neutral Cards
1 Guardian Augmerchant AO 2
1 Peasant UiS 2
2 Annoy-o-Tron Core 1
2 Bonechewer Brawler AO 2
2 Encumbered Pack Mule UiS 2

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Aggro Druid Deck Mulligan Guide

Aggro Druid is a hyper-aggressive deck and you should look for the fastest possible opening hand to explode onto the board.

  • General MulliganRazormane Battleguard, Peasant, Vibrant Squirrel.
  • Mulligan Against AggroBonechewer Brawler.
  • Mulligan Against ControlComposting.

Aggro Druid Deck Strategy

As a hyper-aggressive deck, you should try to secure the board as quickly possible right from Turn 1. The best way to open is with either a Vibrant Squirrel if your opponent can easily do 1 damage, or Peasant if they cannot. On Turn 2, or Turn 1 with The Coin, you should look to pair a Razormane Battleguard with any 2-Mana taunt minion you have, or simply any 2 drop if you do not have a Battleguard. You should continue throwing out minions quickly in this manner until you have control of the board and once under control, playing out Composting onto your minions if you are able to do so.

Going into the mid game you should start to look for more powerful tempo play, making use of Oracle of Elune. In particular, for 5 Mana you can play Oracle of Elune followed by Razormane Battleguard for additional discounts on your taunt minions, or simply many 1 drops.

There are two main methods to closing out the game when it comes to Aggro Druid. Firstly, if your opponent is unable to keep your board under control, you can amplify your damage significantly using Arbor Up to burst down your opponent. Alternatively, you can put up a wall through the use of Greybough and many smaller minions. When opting for the latter strategy, it is possible to use Oracle of Elune to duplicate your Greybough if you are able to discount it to 2 Mana or less through the use of Razormane Battleguard, making it even more difficult for your opponent to remove.

Against Aggro, you should shift your focus entirely towards controlling the board. By taking efficient trade you can maintain your board advantage. With this in mind, you should not worry about using Composting due to the tempo loss from the Mana it costs, and instead simply play it in the late game if necessary.

Against Control, you should expect your opponent to be able to clear your board several times throughout the game. With this in mind, you should try to position yourself to get the most value from your Composting to ensure you can continually pressure your opponent throughout the game. In most cases it is also best to hold onto your Arbor Up until you have lethal or it is required to stay in control on the board as having it in hand will continually force your opponent to overreact and respect your board.

Aggro Druid Deck Card Swaps

  • Against Aggro — Add 1x Annoy-o-Tron for 1x Park Panther.


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