Budget Cyclone Mage Deck - Shadows May 2019

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This Cyclone Miracle Mage Deck List Guide aims to substitute Legendary and Epic cards where possible in order to make the archetype more accessible to players with limited card collections.

Cyclone Mage is a combo deck that takes the best parts of Summoner Mage and Tempo Mage decks. It has the ability to develop huge boards using Mountain Giant and Conjurer's Calling combos while also having access to powerful spell combos using Sorcerer's Apprentice, Mana Cyclone, and cheap spells.

Card List

Mage Cards
1 Magic Trick RoS 2
1 Mirror Image Basic 2
1 Ray of Frost RoS 2
2 Frostbolt Basic 1
2 Mana Cyclone RoS 2
2 Sorcerer's Apprentice Classic 2
3 Arcane Intellect Basic 2
3 Frost Nova Basic 2
4 Vex Crow WW 1
Neutral Cards
10 Sea Giant Classic 2
12 Mountain Giant HoF 2

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Comments from Kat

This budget deck cuts out all Legendary minions, including Khadgar and Zilliax. Removing these cards has a small imapact on the deck's potential and its survivability, but it retains its most powerful combo cards, Mountain Giant and Mana Cyclone.

For more information on how to properly play this archetype, please refer to our Cyclone Miracle Mage Deck List Guide.