Charge OTK Warrior Deck - Fractured in Alterac Valley

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This guide contains detailed Strategy, Mulligan, and deck-building information to help you play Charge OTK Warrior in The Fractured in Alterac Valley expansion meta.

Charge OTK Warrior is a Control deck that aims to slow the game down through the use of powerful Warrior removal tools as it draws through the deck. Once in the late game, the deck aims to pull off powerful OTKs utilising the charge effect of Captain Galvangar to kill opponents in a single turn.

Card List

Warrior Cards
1 Shield Slam Core 2
2 Corsair Cache AO 2
2 Frozen Buckler FAV 2
2 Minefield MDF 2
2 To the Front! FAV 2
3 Bladestorm AO 2
3 Bulwark of Azzinoth AO 1
3 Lord Barov SA 1
4 Outrider's Axe FitB 2
4 Rancor FitB 2
5 Brawl Core 2
5 Cutting Class SA 2
6 Captain Galvangar FAV 1
7 Rokara, the Valorous FAV 1
10 Shield Shatter FAV 2
Neutral Cards
3 Rustrot Viper UiS 1
6 Battleground Battlemaster UiS 1

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Charge OTK Warrior Deck Mulligan Guide

As the deck is both a Control and an OTK deck, the dual-purpose functionality of Corsair Cache to both draw a card and find a weapon to use as removal makes it the ideal card to look for in mulligans.

  • General Mulligan (keep regardless of what your opponent is playing)Corsair Cache.
  • Mulligan against Aggro (also keep if you think you are playing against an aggressive deck)Minefield.
  • Mulligan against Control (also keep if you think you are playing against a slow deck) — No further cards required.

Charge OTK Warrior Deck Strategy

During the early game, your primary aim is to play out Corsair Cache and get yourself a Outrider's Axe equipped. If your opponent begins to pressure you on the board, you can also make use of Minefield to slow your opponent down, or Bladestorm if their minions line up.

As you enter the mid game, you should look for opportunities to use Outrider's Axe to draw cards while also using your Cutting Class with it. If the board starts to get out of control, you can make use of Shield Slam to deal with single threats or Brawl if your opponent decides to go wide onto the board.

As you reach the late game, you should begin to assess the state of your combo and how far you are away from pulling it off. During this time, you will also gain access to the combination of Lord Barov and Rancor for the perfect mix of board clear and Armor if things get out of control. If you are facing a faster OTK combo deck, such as Owl OTK Warlock, this you can look to equip your Bulwark of Azzinoth to mitigate their combo if there are no small minions on board.

To pull of your final combo, a total of 6 cards are required: 2 To the Front!, 2 Faceless Manipulator, Battleground Battlemaster, and Captain Galvangar. Both To the Fronts can then be used to heavily discount your minions before playing Captain Galvangar, copying it with Faceless Manipulator and placing the Battlegrounds Battlemaster in between the two. This initial burst of minions allows for 2 attacks of 9 damage each for a total of 36. If your opponent is still alive, the second Faceless can be used to copy Galvangar and placed next to the Battlemaster to attack for a further 18 damage to close out the game. While this full combo is necessary at times, it can be quite excessive and smaller bursts of damage will often suffice if you are missinig some of the pieces.

Against Aggro, you should play exclusively as a Control Warrior throughout the game. In most cases you should be able to win simply by removing all of their minions and maintaining a Health amount of Armor. If you do get as far as comboing your opponent, a simple 9 or 18 damage combo will often suffice as your opponent's Health will likely have been chipped away throughout the game.

Against Control, you should shift your focus entirely onto drawing cards as quickly as possible. To aid this, removal may sometimes be tactically used in order to line up minions to enable card draw from your Outrider's Axe. When it comes to your final combo, it is likely you will need at least a 36-damage combo, if not the full 54 damage, making maximising the number of cards you draw essential.

Charge OTK Warrior Deck Card Swaps

Vanndar Stormpike can be used in place of Rustrot Viper to speed up your combo if you are not facing decks reliant upon weapons.


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