Owl OTK Warlock Deck - Fractured in Alterac Valley

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This guide contains detailed Strategy, Mulligan, and deck-building information to help you play Owl OTK Warlock in The Fractured in Alterac Valley expansion meta.

Owl OTK Warlock is a powerful OTK deck that utilises the combination of Humongous Owl's Deathrattle with Tamsin's Phylactery in order to create many minions with a high-damage Deathrattle effect that can deal huge amounts of damage in a single turn.

Card List

Warlock Cards
1 Grimoire of Sacrifice FitB 2
1 Mortal Coil Core 2
1 Touch of the Nathrezim UiS 2
1 Wicked Shipment UiS 1
2 Drain Soul Core 2
3 Backfire MDF 2
3 Full-Blown Evil FAV 1
3 School Spirits SA 2
3 Tamsin Roame FitB 1
4 Hysteria MDF 1
4 Tamsin's Phylactery FAV 1
5 Runed Mithril Rod UiS 2
6 Dreadlich Tamsin FAV 1
Neutral Cards
1 Armor Vendor MDF 2
1 Tour Guide SA 2
2 Manafeeder Panthara SA 2
2 Mo'arg Artificer AO 2
7 Humongous Owl FAV 1

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Owl OTK Warlock Deck Mulligan Guide

Owl OTK Warlock hyper-focuses on reaching its win condition as quickly as possible. To aid this, finding Runed Mithril Rod is by far the highest priority in your mulligan.

  • General Mulligan (keep regardless of what your opponent is playing)Tour Guide, Runed Mithril Rod.
  • Mulligan against Aggro (also keep if you think you are playing against an aggressive deck)Touch of the Nathrezim, Drain Soul.
  • Mulligan against Control (also keep if you think you are playing against a slow deck)Dreadlich Tamsin.

Owl OTK Warlock Deck Strategy

Throughout the early game your primary aim is to draw cards as quickly as possible and by any means necessary in order to accelerate your win condition. Using Tour Guides to optimise your Mana usage can greatly help with this. During this time, you can freely make use of removal tools like Touch of the Nathrezim and Drain Soul to slow down your opponent and free up hand space, however this is generally a secondary priority to drawing unless there is a huge threat on the board.

Should you have access to a Runed Mithril Rod, you should try to play it as soon as possible, as it will more than pay for itself after it has activated a single time, and allow you to achieve so much more in your upcoming turns. If you are unable to get one into play by turn 5 you will be slowed down by as many as 3 turns in winning the game.

At some point in the game, you will draw into your Humongous Owl, which is the first part of the decks combo. Once it is in your hand, you should look for opportunities to play it and kill it off using Grimoire of Sacrifice as its large Mana Cost can make it difficult to get into play. While killing it off yourself is not entirely essential, it prevents any risk of your opponent doing anything to it to disrupt your combo, such as stealing if or transforming it into another minion.

After you have drawn through the majority of your deck and killed off your Humongous Owl, the last card you should look for your combo is Tamsin's Phylactery. To fully combo using this card, you should look to play Tamsin Roame, Wicked Shipment, and then Tamsin's Phylactery to give your minions the Humongous Owls Deathrattle and then followed by a second copy of the Phylactery generated by Tamsin Roame. With the Deathrattles active, you can then use School Spirits to kill of your minions and trigger all of the Deathrattles. If you have higher Health minions in play, you can use a Mo'arg Artificer to double the damage of your AoE, or simply use a second copy generated by Tamsin.

In most cases a full combo is not necessary as it can deal a whopping 112 damage to your opponent and may take an extra few turns to setup. Instead you should start calculating the damage much sooner, counting 8 damage for every minion you will have in play (doubled if you have Tamsin Roame), whilst subtracting 8 damage for every hit your opponent's minions will absorb after the initial AoE. In most cases, comboing with 4-6 minions and a single Phylactery is more than enough to win the game.

Against Aggro, you should make additional use of your removal to slow down your opponent. However, you still should not neglect your Runed Mithril Rod as the tempo it gives will often be enough for you to swing back into the game. Mo'arg Artificers should also be paired with Drain Souls where possible to optimise the healing you can achieve.

Against Control, you should focus on drawing as fast and efficiently as possible as it is likely your opponent has a win condition much like your own. You will also be able to freely throw out any cards that are not part of your final combo to create handspace for you to draw more cards. When you do finally perform your combo, you should expect to make it significantly larger than usually able to, often requiring Tamsin Roame to copy Tamsin's Phylactery, to account for any Armor and damage mitigation your opponent may have.

Owl OTK Warlock Deck Card Swaps

Full-Blown Evil and Hysteria are the two flexible cards that can be freely swapped.

You can swap one for a Rustrot Viper to counter weapon classes and other Warlocks.

A second Wicked Shipment can be used to make your combos more easily accessible.

Unstable Felbolt can be added as a cheaper removal option against very fast Aggro decks.


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