Cheap Tempo Mage Wild Deck

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This Mage deck:

  • has been designed for players who have levelled most classes to Level 10, cleared the AI, and are looking to start climbing in Ranked mode;
  • costs 1,000 Arcane Dust or less;
  • is built entirely of Basic, Common and Rare cards.

Cheap Wild Tempo Mage Card List

This deck costs 980 Arcane Dust and it is made up of the following cards.

Mage Cards Neutral Cards
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Cheap Wild Tempo Mage Mana Curve


Comments onCheap Wild Tempo Mage

This cheap Tempo Mage deck is based around the full budget Wild variant. The overall strategy is very similar, however it should be noted that it lacks some of the late-game threats. To compensate for the lack of threats, a slightly more aggressive stance should be taken to ensure you do not run out of cards before you are able to kill your opponent.


Cheap Wild Tempo Mage Card Swaps

Obviously, as a Cheap deck, this list has a lot of room for improvement. As you progress with the game and gain access to more cards and Arcane Dust, here are some additions that you may consider.

Water Elemental can be swapped for Piloted Shredder to help gives the deck a more aggressive stance.

Unstable Portal can be included over a copy of Flamecannon to improve early board development.

A copy of Arcane Blast can be used instead of Mirror Image or provide extra cheap removal.

If you have access to Loatheb, it can be included over the second copy of Water Elemental as a powerful tool to protect your board.

Dr. Boom, Archmage Antonidas, or Ragnaros the Firelord (prioritised in order) can be included as a powerful late-game threat for the deck and can be included over a copy of Faceless Summoner.

The Secrets in the deck are interchangeable and Mirror Entity can be swapped for copies of Duplicate and Counterspell as desired.

If you have access to the One Night in Karazhan Expansion then Firelands Portal is an excellent card and a copy can be included over Flamestrike and an optional second copy can used over Faceless Summoner if you are not using one of the Legendary minions mentioned above.

For other strong cards to consider, look at our full budget Mage decks, or our Crafting Guide.



  • 10 Aug. 2017: Deck has been reviewed and deemed appropriate for the KotFT meta.
  • 29 Jun. 2017: Guide updated for new archetype format. -1 Unstable Portal, -1 Azure Drake, +2 Flamewaker.
  • 02 Apr. 2017: This deck has been reviewed and deemed appropriate for the Journey to Un'Goro meta.
  • 23 Dec. 2016: Deck has been reviewed and deemed appropriate for Means Streets of Gadgetzan meta.
  • 09 Nov. 2016: Deck added.
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