Fibonacci Top 10 Legend Highlander Warrior Deck - Uldum August 2019

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This Highlander Warrior was created by Fibonacci and used by Zeh to reach top 10 Legend during the Saviors of Uldum expansion.

Card List

Warrior Cards
0 Inner Rage Classic 1
1 Improve Morale RoS 1
1 Upgrade! Classic 1
2 Cruel Taskmaster Classic 1
2 Heroic Strike Basic 1
2 Rampage Classic 1
2 Warpath WW 1
3 Fiery War Axe Basic 1
3 Frothing Berserker Classic 1
4 Kor'kron Elite Basic 1
5 Arcanite Reaper Basic 1
8 Grommash Hellscream Classic 1

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Comments from Kat

This Highlander Warrior deck uses a Midrange approach and features many weapons, minions, and lacks common Warrior removal. The deck uses Octosari as a draw engine to consistently use the combination of Leeroy Jenkins, Inner Rage, Rampage, and Bloodsworn Mercenary as a powerful burst-damage finisher.