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Highlander Priest Deck List Guide

Last updated on Dec 12, 2017 at 10:10 by Pesty 14 comments

Table of Contents

Kazakus Priest, formerly known as Reno Priest, is an archetype that plays a deck with 30 unique cards to utilise powerful Battlecry effects of several minions. It was a very strong archetype prior to the 2017 standard rotation, when it utilised the power of Reno Jackson, but then greatly suffered when this card was removed from Standard.

The Knights of the Frozen Throne expansion revived the archetype with the addition of Shadowreaper Anduin, which provides a dramatic boost in late-game strength with the Battlecry of Raza the Chained.

Kazakus Priest plays a very Control style, stalling the game as much as possible until the 2 aforementioned cards can be played. Once both cards have been played, the Voidform Hero Power can be used for free each time a card is played, providing a huge boost in tempo to fight back and grind opponents out of the game.

Below, you will find link to our deck lists for Highlander Priest, starting with our featured deck, which we consider the most common variant.

This Kazakus Highlander Priest Deck is a well-rounded version of Highlander Priest. It contains a good mix of tools to make it able to perform reasonably in any matchup. It is a solid starting point for players who wish to familiarise themselves with the archetype.

This Hyped's Rank 1 Legend Dragon Highlander Priest Deck contains powerful Dragon Priest tools contest the board while assembling the Raza the Chained and Shadowreaper Anduin combo. It was used by Hyped to reach rank 1 Legend in December 2017.

This on9yc's Rank 4 Legend Highlander Priest Deck focuses on the powerful new board clear Psychic Scream and removal to target Legendary Weapons. It was used by on9yc to reach rank 4 Legend in early December 2017.

This Orange's Summer World Championship Highlander Priest Deck was used by Orange to finish second place at the Hearthstone Summer World Championship. By including Gadgetzan Auctioneer over Lyra the Sunshard, it contains the maximum amount of card draw possible, at the expense of the ability to generate additional spells.

This Surrender's Summer World Championship Highlander Priest Deck was used by Surrender to win the 2017 Summer World Championship. With the inclusion of Dirty Rat and Kabal Talonpriest this variant is able to may more proactive tempo plays to put pressure on opponents, while still having a large amount of card draw to utilise Raza the Chained and Shadowreaper Anduin if needed.

This hunterace's RaT Race Rank 1 Legend Highlander Priest Deck is contains multiple additional minions to help fight for control of the board in aggressive meta-games. It was used by hunterace to win the October 2017 'RaT Race', where many very good players race to become the first player of the season to reach Legend.

This Muzzy's Dreamhack Montreal Highlander Priest Deck is a fast version Highlander Priest that aims to burst down opponents. It uses plenty of card draw to use Shadowreaper Anduin as soon as possible and Prophet Velen and Mind Blast to provide huge amounts of burst damage. It was one of the decks used by Muzzy as part of his Dreamhack Montreal victory..

This Seohyn628's Dreamhack Montreal Highlander Priest Deck is a slower combo variant of Highlander Priest. It aims to use Burgly Bully to generate copies of The Coins to use in combination with Shadowreaper Anduin and Prophet Velen to burst It was used by Seohyun628 to achieve second place at Dreamhack Montreal 2017.

This Findan's Rank 1 Legend Highlander Priest Deck is a very fast version of Highlander Priest. It utilises additional card draw to draw into Raza the Chained and Shadowreaper Anduin as quickly as possible to begin pressuring opponents. It was used by Findan to finish rank 1 Legend in August 2017 on the EU server.

This Monsato's Rank 1 Legend Highlander Priest Deck is a very defensive build of Highlander Priest. It contains additional tech cards like Golakka Crawler and Gluttonous Ooze to help shut down the most aggressive decks. It was used by Monsato in August 2017 to reach rank 1 Legend.

1. Aim of the Deck

Kazakus Priest aims to play a Control style stalling out games as long as possible until both Raza the Chained and Shadowreaper Anduin can both be played safely. Upon playing both cards a more aggressive approach can be taken as every card play generates 2 damage for free. The damage can either be used defensively to kill opponents minions or offensively to burn down opponents as a win condition.

2. Strengths and Weaknesses

Due to the requirement of 30 unique cards, Kazakus Priest is weaker than Control Priest at controlling the board and stalling opponents, despite using a similar strategy However, once the required cards have been played the archetype becomes incredibly powerful and it becomes almost impossible to lose games.

3. Key Cards and Crafting

Raza the Chained and Shadowreaper Anduin are essential Legendary minions to play Kazakus Priest, as the whole strategy of the archetype revolves around playing them. Kazakus is also a very powerful minion that is able to be played, however the archetype is technically playable without it (despite the card lending its name to it). Lyra the Sunshard is also a very strong well-rounded Legendary minion for the archetype as the spell generation has excellent synergy with Voidform in the late-game.

As the rest of the deck should be made up of unique cards, the options are fairly flexible having a larger collection will help a lot but it is most important just to have a good balance between Removal spells, AoE effects, and Heals.

4. Mulligan Guide

In almost all matchups you should mulligan aggressively for early-game minions to slow opponents down such as Northshire Cleric, Golakka Crawler, and Doomsayer. If you already have a solid first few turns you should look to continue your Mana curve with minions like Kabal Talonpriest or Curious Glimmerroot. As an exception to this rule, if you have exactly Pint-Size Potion and Shadow Word: Horror in your opening hand, you can keep them both as a powerful combo to kill almost any board your opponent has on Turn 5.

Against Aggro decks you can look for additional removal tools such as Shadow Word: Pain, Potion of Madness, and Holy Smite.

Against Control decks you can be much more greedier with your mulligan. As you can expect minimal pressure in the early-game you can safely keep Raza the Chained or Shadowreaper Anduin in your opening hand to speed up your late-game win condition.

Against Warrior specifically you can additionally keep Acidic Swamp Ooze or Gluttonous Ooze in your opening hand to greatly hinder Pirate Warrior and Tempo Warrior decks.

5. ChangeLog

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  • 05 Sep. 2017: Archetype renamed to Highlander Priest.
  • 16 Aug. 2017: Added new guide format for Kazakus Priest.
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