JAB Control Hunter Deck

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This deck was created by JAB near the beginning of the Knights of the Frozen Throne meta. Asmodai piloted the deck to top 50 Legend shortly after.

The deck is very powerful against Midrange and Control decks. Compared to many Hunter decks, it is quite difficult to play. You will need to be alert to the timings of when to attack, and when to defend, as the deck has many good options for both.


Card List

This deck costs 5,020 Arcane Dust and it is made up of the following cards.

Hunter Cards Neutral Cards
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Mana Curve




Aim of the deck

Control Hunter can win by putting consistent pressure on its opponent, or by outvaluing them. Against aggressive decks, it will use its minions in a defensive role to try to buy time to get to its Bonemare and The Lich King. Against slower decks, it will attempt to put pressure on the opponent, and then choose whether to keep the damage coming, or to switch to a value strategy.



No matter what your opponent is playing, your early-game involves playing on curve, and you should mulligan accordingly. All of your 1 and 2 Mana cards are great in your starting hand, and at least one of each should be kept if possible.

If you have plays for the first two turns, then you can begin to keep more expensive cards. Houndmaster is a good keep if it looks like you will be able to buff a minion with it on curve. Eaglehorn Bow can be kept if it looks like your opponent is going to be playing a minion based strategy. If you think you are playing against another slow deck, you can keep Deathstalker Rexxar in your opening hand if you have some other plays available for the early-game.



Although you will play your cards on curve in the early-game, you will be looking to spend your time working out how much damage should be assigned to reducing your opponent's Health total. If you are up against an aggressive deck, you will be looking to trade your minions and keep your opponent in check until you can set up several turns of Taunts. If you are up against a slower deck, then you will be looking to get large amounts of damage onto the board, and force them onto the back foot.



The deck allows you to take many divergent paths in the mid-game depending on what you need. Turn 5 is often a weak turn, but can be set up by a strong Turn 4. If you are in a good board position, you can often use this turn to play your Stitched Tracker to find the large minions that you will need to help close out the game. Sometimes this minion will be Savannah Highmane to exert more pressure, while others it will be Bonemare or The Lich King to stop your enemies from attacking you directly.


Deathstalker Rexxar

If you are considering playing Deathstalker Rexxar, you should carefully assess the current board state. You should factor in that you will no longer have your Steady Shot Hero Power, and so if you are close to winning through that power, you may wish to delay playing Rexxar until you are sure that route has failed. If you successfully get Rexxar into play, then you will be playing a value game from that point on by using the Build-A-Beast as often as possible to gain card advantage.



In the late game against Aggro, you will be looking to play, or create, a big Taunt for several turns in a row. Your main resources for doing this are Bonemare and The Lich King. Bonemare is a very powerful card, but you will need to remember to keep a minion on the board to buff with it. The deck is designed with this in mind though, and you will be able to use cards like Rat Pack to ensure that something is available.

Against Control, you will be looking to generate value using Deathstalker Rexxar and The Lich King.


Individual Card Strategies


Deadly Shot

Deadly Shot is an important card and should be saved against decks that have big threats if possible. The deck does not contain much spell-based removal, and you should be prepared to make minion sacrifices to protect your Deadly Shots, as these will be crucial later on.


Kill Command

As the games will often go quite long, you will sometimes find that you have double Kill Command in your hand. Be aware that occasionally you can get a surprise win with the additional 10 damage available.



If you find yourself running into a lot of aggressive decks, you can play Hungry Crab or Golakka Crawler to try to slow them down. You will be looking to drop Savannah Highmane in those games, as it is very slow to develop, and aggro decks will tend to ignore it. To do this, you must be very sure that you are playing against Aggro though, as it is a disaster to take out Highmane against other decks.



  • 13 Aug. 2017: Deck Added: JAB's Control Hunter which Asmodai piloted to top 50 Legend.
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