Mech Hunter Deck List Guide (Rise of Shadows April 2019)

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General Information

This guide contains detailed Strategy, Mulligan, and deck-building information to help you play Mech Hunter in The Rise of Shadows expansion.

Mech Hunter is a Deathrattle deck that uses Mech synergies to apply pressure while having a resilient board due to powerful Deathrattle effects.

1. Mech Hunter Card List

This Mech Hunter deck costs 9,480 Arcane Dust and it is made up of the following cards.

Hunter Cards Neutral Cards
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2. Mech Hunter Mana Curve


3. Mech Hunter Mulligan Guide

Mech Hunter is a Midrange deck that aims to curve smoothly onto the board. With no solid removal in the deck, it is important to use your mulligan to find the strongest possible opening curve.

4. Mech Hunter Strategy

With Mech Hunter, you should try to make full use of your Mana to slowly build up the board, removing any opposing minion in the process. You can compound your lead on the board further by making use of Deathrattle minions like Mechanical Whelp in combination with Necromechanic and Fireworks Tech. Similarly, you can also use Nine Lives to immediately access the Deathrattle of a minion you have left earlier in the game. The sheer amount of pressure that comes from the many Deathrattle effects should be enough to eventually overwhelm opponents.

Against Aggro, you should put a lot more emphasis on clearing the board. Making full use of Deathrattle triggers on Spider Bomb will help run your opponent out of resources and remove the dependency on your late-game minions.

Against Control, you should prepare for a long game and try to get the maximum value out of your Deathrattles. You should try to use Fireworks Tech and Nine Lives exclusively on Mechanical Whelp as the best Deathrattle effect in the deck. Eventually, you should be able to populate the the board enough times with large threats to outlast any removal a Control deck has to offer.

5. Mech Hunter Card Swaps

6. Changelog

  • 10 Apr. 2019: Deck added.
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