Tofu24's Whip Control Warrior Deck - Shadows June 2019

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Reddit user Tofu24 reached Legend in June with this alternative take on Control Warrior built around Overlord's Whip.

Card List

Warrior Cards
1 Whirlwind Basic 2
2 Battle Rage Classic 2
2 Execute Basic 2
2 Warpath WW 2
3 Shield Block Basic 2
5 Brawl Classic 2
8 Grommash Hellscream Classic 1
Neutral Cards
3 Acolyte of Pain HoF 2
5 Zilliax BdP 1
9 Alexstrasza Classic 1

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Comments from Lemon

This deck is designed to make maximum use of Overlord's Whip. It includes a plethora of minions with effects that activate when they take damage, effectively turning the whip's drawback into an advantage. The creator wrote a full guide to the deck on Reddit.

For more information on how to properly play this archetype, please refer to our Control Warrior Deck List Guide.