Wild Even Warrior Deck List Guide - Rise of Shadows April 2019

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This guide contains detailed Strategy, Mulligan, and deck-building information to help you play Even Warrior in The Boomsday Project expansion.

Even Warrior is a niche archetype from the Witchwood expansion. The deck shares a lot of similarities with Recruit Warrior by using taking full advantage of Recruit cards like Woecleaver. However, Even Warrior deviates slightly in strategy by using the power of Genn Greymane to reduce the Cost of the Armor Up! Hero Power to provide more survivability.

Even Warrior is a rare deck to see in the Witchwood expansion, but has also proven that it can be successful as showcased by professional UK Hearthstone player Jambre.

With the release of The Boomsday Project expansion, Even Warrior moves further away from being a viable competitive deck. While there are many strong Warrior additions available, they just so happen to be Odd-Cost and ineligible for use in the deck.

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Mulligan Guide

Even Warrior is a late-game deck that can unleash a barrage of high-Cost minions on opponents through utilisation of Recruit mechanics. Your Mulligan strategy should contain a mix of tools to ensure you can survive until the late game and cards to help you swing the game in your favour once you get there.

In your opening hand, the most important card you should be looking for is Forge of Souls to help you draw into your Woecleaver in a timely manner as well as draw into cheaper weapons to control the board. A copy of either Bladed Gauntlet or Blood Razor can also be kept to help improve the consistency of drawing Woecleaver from Forge of Souls.

Against Control decks, you can additionally keep Mountain Giant in your opening hand in anticipation of maintaining a large hand of cards from the early game.

Against Warlock, you can also keep a copy of Execute to deal with early Mountain Giants.

Against decks that flood the board, like Odd Paladin or Token Druid, you can additionally keep a copy of Warpath to stop you getting overwhelmed before the late game.


The deck offers very few options in the early game. Your primary aim will be to draw weapons later in the game for future turns using Forge of Souls or controlling the board using Bladed Gauntlet. If your opponent decides to play a particularly threatening minion, such as an early Edwin VanCleef, you may be forced to use a combination of Inner Rage and Execute to remove the threat. Additionally, as an Even deck, you will have spare Mana available to use your Hero Power on turns 1 and 3, which will aid your ability to control the board with your Bladed Gauntlet.

As you reach the mid game, you will only gain access to two new cards in the deck, Blood Razor and Mountain Giant. If your opponent has put minimal pressure onto you in the early game, then you will likely have retained a large hand of cards, which may have increased in size further with Forge of Souls. This will usually allow you to start playing Mountain Giants from around turn 4 and which you should almost certainly do if you are under minimal pressure. If you are facing an aggressive opponent, you may opt to play Blood Razor instead. The Whirlwind effect of the card will help prevent the board from being flooded and the weapon swing itself can be used against slightly larger threats.

If your opponent is being particularly threatening on the board, the deck runs two core removal tools to consider, Execute and Warpath. Execute should be reserved exclusively for the biggest threats in your opponents deck as without Odd-Cost removal like Shield Slam, it is very difficult to remove threats otherwise. Warpath is the only AoE removal in the deck and is great for wide boards and, while it is ideal for dealing with small minions like Silver Hand Recruits, it is a reasonable substitute for Brawl and can do as much as 5 damage to all minions for 10 Mana.

The late game is where the deck starts to shine and allows you to begin putting pressure back onto your opponent. You should almost always prioritise playing Gather Your Party as soon as possible. As long as you are not directly under threat of losing the game, the swing that pulling one of the 8-Mana minions from the deck causes is huge. Alternatively, you may opt to take a more defensive line by playing either Unidentified Shield or Gemstudded Golem.

Once you reach 8 Mana, you will gain full access to all the powerful threats in your deck to begin putting your opponent in a position where they will begin to struggle to cope. You should always aim to play your Woecleaver as soon as possible to begin Recruiting a threat each turn, which can be later paired with threats from your hand to summon multiple threats per turn. Due to the nature of the Recruit mechanic, the minion that is pulled from your deck will greatly affect how you choose to play. A rough outline for each minion that can be summoned is listed below:

  • The Lich King is a straightforward minion that serves as a large Taunt to protect your board while also generating you powerful cards each turn. If it is directly under threat from your opponent's board, then you should use resources appropriately to protect it as the end of turn effect represents huge value.
  • Geosculptor Yip is the most valuable minion in the deck and can win the game alone if left alive for multiple turns. In addition to protecting the minions, you should try and combine it with cards like Bring It On! and Unidentified Shield to maximise the value of the end of turn effect.
  • Grommash Hellscream and Charged Devilsaur are the aggressive minions of the deck and Recruiting them will allow you to charge directly at your opponent. You may also choose to combine them with Inner Rage to boost the amount of burst damage even further. You may also opt to be aggressive with your other minions if you anticipate pulling one of these minions out of your deck on the following turn.
  • Gemstudded Golem, Genn Greymane, and Mountain Giant are the last minions that you will have access to and provide no special benefit other than having great stats. However, it should be noted that you should try and combine any Armor cards you have with the turns you wish to attack with your Golem due to its attacking constraint.

To win games, the pressure caused by Woecleaver and playing big threats will often generate more pressure than your opponent will be able to handle. However, it is often a good idea to hold back Grommash Hellscream if you have it in your hand as the 12 burst damage it can do when combined with Inner Rage will often be able to catch your opponent off-guard in situations where they feel they may be able to hold on for a few more turns.

Card Swaps

Even Warrior is quite flexible with the tech cards and big threats that can be included into the deck. However, it is important to retain core Recruit mechanics like Gather Your Party and Woecleaver as well as weapon techs like Blood Razor, Bladed Gauntlet, and Forge of Souls.

You can consider adding in Drywhisker Armorer as an additional healing tool. This also combines excellently with Cornered Sentry, which can be added in as a tech card against Taunt Druid and their Witching Hour combos.

Rotface can be included as an alternative big minion for the Recruit mechanics. It has excellent synergies with Blood Razor, Inner Rage, and Warpath.

Dead Man's Hand can be included to shuffle additional big minions into your deck.

Quick Tips and Tricks

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