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Control Warrior Deck List

Last updated on May 12, 2017 at 23:00 by Pesty

Control Warrior is one of the oldest archetypes in all of Hearthstone. The game plan of Control Warrior decks is simple, to use Weapons and premium removal spells to halt the development of the opposing deck and gain huge amounts of life that can pull them out of range of their resources. The deck can be played in a wide variety of different forms with several different win-conditions, or in some cases, no win-condition at all!

In the tables below, you will find all of the decks we have on Icy Veins for this archetype, first for Standard and then for Wild.


Deck Cost Last Update
Curator Fire Plume's Heart Quest Un'Goro Un'Goro MSG Kara TOG 7,220 Arcane Dust 2017/05/12
Fatigue Control Un'Goro Un'Goro MSG Kara TOG 9,960 Arcane Dust 2017/04/10
Control Un'Goro Un'Goro MSG TOG 7,500 Arcane Dust 2017/04/06
C'Thun Control Un'Goro TOG 6,260 Arcane Dust 2017/04/06
N'Zoth Control Un'Goro Un'Goro MSG Kara TOG 8,220 Arcane Dust 2017/04/06


Deck Cost Last Update
Elise Control Un'Goro HoF LoE TGT BrM GvG Naxx 11,340 Arcane Dust 2017/04/02
N'Zoth Control Un'Goro Un'Goro HoF TOG TGT GvG Naxx 11,800 Arcane Dust 2017/04/02
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