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Taunt Quest Warrior Deck List Guide

Last updated on Feb 07, 2018 at 17:00 by Pesty 14 comments

Table of Contents

Taunt Warrior, also referred to as Quest Warrior or Sulfuras Warrior, became a powerful archetype with the release of Fire Plume's Heart. It aims to stall out the game by playing a large number of Taunt minions. This strategy naturally contributes to the completion of the Fire Plume's Heart Quest which will eventually yield Sulfuras, providing a powerful Hero Power to grind down opponents while sitting behind the relative safety of all the Taunt minions available.

Taunt Warrior is a well-rounded archetype with the means to survive aggressive onslaughts thanks to Taunt minions, while also being able to win long games against Control decks thanks to Fire Plume's Heart. The Curator is a core part of the archetype, while being a Taunt minion itself it is also also able to draw other Taunt minions such as Direhorn Hatchling and Primordial Drake as long as there are no non-Taunt beasts and Dragons present in the deck.

Below, you will find link to our deck lists for Taunt Quest Warrior, starting with our featured deck, which we consider the most common variant.

This Taunt Warrior Quest Deck is a fairly standard build of Taunt Warrior. It comes with all the tools for timely Quest completion, while still being able to hold its own against aggressive decks. It is a great starting point for players who wish to pick up the archetype and become familiar with its strengths and weaknesses.

This Tom60229 Taunt Quest Warrior Deck focuses on Tempo rather than Control. It uses cards like Battle Rage and Slam to draw cards to broaden the choices available. It was used by Tom60229 and used to reach rank 1 Legend in May 2017.

✶ Featured Deck

Wild Taunt Warrior Deck

  • Guide written by Pesty and last updated on Sep 21, 2017 (KFT meta)
  • Costs 5.2k (5 basic,8 expert,9 rare,6 epic, and 2 legendaries)
  • Mana curve:
  • Card breakdown: 4 Weapons • 9 Spells • 17 Minions
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This Wild Taunt Warrior Deck follow a very similarly to style Standard variants, with a few more powerful additions. Death's Bite provides the deck with efficient removal, while also functioning as an activator for cards like Acolyte of Pain and Sleep with the Fishes. Sludge Belcher adds even more resilience to the deck as one of the most efficient Taunt minions in the game.

1. Aim of the Deck

The primary aim of Taunt Warrior is so slow down the game by playing a multitude of Taunt minions, while trying to complete Fire Plume's Heart. Once the Quest is complete, it aims to grind down opponents with the new Hero Power generated by Sulfuras, killing opponents minions and chipping away their Health over time.

2. Strengths and Weaknesses

Taunt Warrior is incredibly strong and capable of defeating any deck due to how well-rounded the archetype is. The multitude of Taunt minions in the deck are able to stop aggressive decks in their tracks, while the repetitive damage from the completion of Fire Plume's Heart is too much for any Control deck to handle.

Although the new Hero Power created by Sulfuras is incredibly powerful, it can also be problematic at times due to its random nature, making Taunt Warrior decks weaker against decks capable of flooding the board, as well as Shamans and Paladins that can generate additional minions with their respective Hero Powers. Taunt Warrior is also slightly vulnerable to Midrange decks that have strong curves, this is mostly due to Taunt minions having to sacrifice some or their potential stats for their Taunt effect.

3. Key Cards and Crafting

The two main Legendaries that are used in this archetype are Fire Plume's Heart and The Curator. Fire Plume's Heart is an essential card as the archetype is build around its completion. The Curator is an exceptional card for Taunt Warrior, functioning as a Taunt minion itself, while also being able to draw other Taunt minions such as Direhorn Hatchling and Primordial Drake.

Stonehill Defender is another powerful card that is also cheap to craft. It functions as two Taunt minions towards Quest completion, while also providing the flexibility to choose a minion based on the opposing deck and the state of the game.

4. ChangeLog

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  • 31 May 2017: Added new guide format for Quest Warrior.
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