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This guide contains detailed Strategy, Mulligan, and deck-building information to help you play Embiggen Druid in the Ashes of Outland expansion.

Embiggen is a Ramp Druid-style deck that makes use of various tools to cheat out large minions. It uses powerful synergies between Embiggen and Strength in Numbers to summon big minions for free while using Breath of Dreams to accelerate itself towards the late game to secure the board with large Taunt minions like Winged Guardian.

Card List

Druid Cards
0 Embiggen DoD 2
1 Strength in Numbers DoD 2
2 Breath of Dreams DoD 2
3 Archspore Msshi'fn AO 1
4 Swipe Legacy 2
5 Oasis Surger Uldum 2
6 Emerald Explorer DoD 2
7 Winged Guardian GA 2
Neutral Cards
2 Faerie Dragon Legacy 2
2 Injured Tol'vir Uldum 2
3 King Mukla Legacy 1
3 Scalerider DoD 2
4 Evasive Feywing DoD 2
5 Big Ol' Whelp DoD 2
5 Ruststeed Raider AO 2
6 Evasive Wyrm DoD 2

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Embiggen Druid Deck Mulligan Guide

Embiggen Druid is heavily reliant on key spells in order to be effective. You should use your mulligan to aggressively look for these cards to that you can flourish in the late game.

  • General Mulligan (keep regardless of what your opponent is playing)Embiggen, Strength in Numbers, Breath of Dreams.
  • Mulligan against Aggro (also keep if you think you are playing against an aggressive deck) — No additional cards are required.
  • Mulligan against Control (also keep if you think you are playing against a slow deck) — No additional cards are required.

Embiggen Druid Deck Strategy

The early game is largely about playing your key spells in order to reach the mid game as quickly as possible and in the strongest possible in position. You can freely play Strength in Numbers and Breath of Dreams (if you have a Dragon in hand) as needed. However, you should take additional care when playing Embiggen, despite its 0 Mana Cost. In particular, you should ideally look to have plays for turns 3, 4, and 5 before playing Embiggen as it will increase the cost of your cards once played.

Once your reach the mid game, you should look to play out your minions as efficiently as possible, making use of Rush effects if there is a particular threat on the board or use your Taunt minions if you are under pressure from your opponent. Once you are able to play a continuous flow of mid-game minions, you should be able to rapidly deplete your opponent's Health to close out the game.

Against Aggro, you should give higher priority to playing your Taunt minions in the mid game. The sheer amount of Health of these minions will cause huge problems for Aggro decks, allowing you to win the game purely by building an impassible wall against your opponent.

Against Control, you should be extra careful against board clears from your opponent. You should try to play your threats one by one to chip away at your opponent's Health, forcing them to use their removal inefficiently to deal with a single large minion. By not overcommitting to the board, you should have a constant supply of threats whittling away at your opponent's Health as you force them to waste their removal tools.

Embiggen Druid Deck Card Swaps

  • Against Control — Add 1x Ysera, Unleashed for 1x Injured Tol'vir.
  • Against Aggro — Add 1x Overconfident Orc for 1x Faerie Dragon.


  • 07 Apr. 2020: Deck has been updated for the Ashes of Outland expansion. Removed 1x Witchwood Grizzly, 1x Zilliax, 1x Witching Hour, 1x SN1P-SN4P for 2x Ruststeed Raider, 1x King Mukla, 1x Archspore Msshi'fn.
  • 26 Mar. 2020: Deck updated for Ashes of Outland pre-patch. Removed 1x Leeroy Jenkins for 1x Witchwood Grizzly.
  • 14 Feb. 2020: Guide added.
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