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Pirate Warrior Deck List Guide

Last updated on Dec 12, 2017 at 08:34 by Pesty 32 comments

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Pirate Warrior is a very aggressive archetype that was on the fringe of competitive viability since the games release. It greatly rose in strength with the addition of Patches the Pirate from the Mean Streets of Gadgetzan expansion. Patches provides extra tempo in the early-game to dominate the board with the help of other Pirates.

The aggressive nature of the Pirate tribe makes the archetype well-poised to burn down opponents before they are able to stabilise from the early pressure. Weapons such as Fiery War Axe and Arcanite Reaper greatly aid this goal, providing good board control and a cheap source damage to burn down opponents. This strategy is further supplemented by Warrior class cards such as Frothing Berserker and Kor'kron Elite.

Below, you will find link to our deck lists for Pirate Warrior, starting with our featured deck, which we consider the most common variant.

This Pirate Warrior Deck is a well-rounded build of Pirate Warrior. It focuses more directly on the deck's win condition compared to other variants that are teched towards other popular decks. It is a good starting point for anyone looking to learn the archetype. As such, you should be familiar with this deck both as a Pirate Warrior player yourself, and as a tool for understanding your opponents who play it.

This Chakki's Trinity Series Pirate Warrior Deck was used by professional Hearthstone player Chakki as part of Team LUL's victory in Trinity Series 2017.

This No Southsea Captain Pirate Warrior Deck is a slightly more aggressive Pirate Warrior that follows a more traditional build. It does not rely on Southsea Captain that has become widely popularised and chooses to have slightly more burst damage instead.

This Finja Murloc Pirate Warrior Deck uses a powerful Murloc package in addition to the existing Pirate synergies. By using Finja, the Flying Star, this deck is able to create devastating mid-game pressure against opponents that may otherwise survive the Pirate onslaught alone.

This Tako3_1388 Rank 1 Legend Pirate Warrior Deck focuses more on developing huge boards than attacking opponents directly. It cuts Mortal Strike and Leeroy Jenkins in favour of Bittertide Hydra and Phantom Freebooter. It was used by Japanese player Tako3_1388 to get rank 1 Legend on the Asia server in August 2017.

This Hoej HCT Sprint Championship Pirate Warrior Deck was used by professional Hearthstone player Hoej to win the HCT Spring championship in Shanghai.

This tholwmenos Rank 1 Legend Pirate Warrior Deck focuses heavily on board control and sacrifices burst damage such as Mortal Strike in favour of additional minions. It was created by tholwmenos and used to reach rank 1 Legend in May 2017.

This Wild Pirate Warrior Deck flows very similarly to Standard variants, with a few more powerful additions. Ship's Cannon is the most notable addition, threatening to decimate opponents if they are unable to find a timely answer to it. Death's Bite and Sir Finley Mrrgglton also add a bit more consistency to the deck overall.

1. Aim of the Deck

This is currently one of the most relentlessly aggressive archetypes in Hearthstone. It uses large amounts of repetitive damage from early-game minions and weapons to quickly end games before opponents are able to get into a comfortable position.

2. Strengths and Weaknesses

Pirate Warrior is capable of defeating any deck due the consistent aggression it is able to put out. The sheer number of cards that do direct damage in all builds allow Pirate Warrior to aggressively burn down opponents, trusting that any additional damage required can be drawn over the following turns.

Although it is a very powerful archetype with little weakness, Pirate Warrior is notorious for handicapping itself by drawing Patches the Pirate before a Pirate can be played. The lack of early tempo lost due to this draw makes it significantly harder to secure early board control and makes it much more likely to fall short on damage to kill opponents.

3. Key Cards and Crafting

Patches the Pirate is by far the most important card for Pirate Warrior, providing a huge boost to early-game tempo that will often snowball into a large amount of damage over the following turns.

Although the archetype has no key Epic cards, there are many key Rare and Common cards that greatly boost the potential of weapons, these include N'Zoth's First Mate, Upgrade!, and Bloodsail Cultist.

4. ChangeLog

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  • 31 May 2017: Added new guide format for Pirate Warrior.
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