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This guide contains detailed Strategy, Mulligan, and deck-building information to help you play Quest Paladin in the Saviors of Uldum expansion.

Quest Paladin uses Emperor Wraps to create copies of Reborn and Deathrattle minions, resulting in boards that can be very difficult to clear.

Card List

Paladin Cards
1 Making Mummies Uldum 1
2 Micro Mummy Uldum 2
2 Murgur Murgurgle AO 1
2 Shotbot GA 2
4 Ancestral Guardian Uldum 2
4 Consecration Legacy 2
4 Truesilver Champion Legacy 2
6 Pharaoh's Blessing Uldum 2
Neutral Cards
1 Murmy Uldum 2
2 Loot Hoarder Legacy 1
2 Questing Explorer Uldum 2
2 Sunfury Protector Legacy 2
2 Temple Berserker Uldum 2
3 Candletaker Uldum 2
4 Bone Wraith Uldum 2
4 Sky Gen'ral Kragg GA 1
6 Khartut Defender Uldum 2

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Quest Paladin Deck Mulligan Guide

Quest Paladin is looking to do the same thing every game: complete Making Mummies as fast as possible. To that end, all of your Reborn minions can be viable mulligan keeps, although you should consider throwing away Ancestral Guardian if you think you are against an aggressive deck and do not have any earlier plays in hand.

  • General Mulligan (keep regardless of what your opponent is playing)Shotbot, Questing Explorer, Murmy, Micro Mummy, Temple Berserker.
  • Mulligan against Aggro (also keep if you think you are playing against an aggressive deck)Consecration can be kept if you think you are playing against a specific Aggro deck which is vulnerable to it.
  • Mulligan against Control (also keep if you think you are playing against a control deck) — No further cards required.

Quest Paladin Deck Strategy

Quest Paladin plays very similarly from game to game due to its inflexible strategy. It is always looking to complete Making Mummies in good time with a smooth curve of Reborn minions and aims to transition into an impenetrable wall of minions to grind opponents out of the game.

Because the deck does not have any real comeback mechanic, it needs to constantly fight for board using its minions. This means that good gameplay fundamentals are very important to success: which trades you choose, the order in which you play your minions, and your usage of The Coin will all play a large part in deciding games. In general, remember that few of your early-game cards give you initiative to decide trades. You can compensate for this by going wide on the board, for example by playing Temple Berserker and Murmy on Turn 3 over Candletaker, increasing your likelihood of having a minion to attack with on your next turn. Always weigh this against your ability to curve out smoothly however, as it is often easier to fit cheaper minions in on later turns.

Inevitably, you will sometimes struggle in the mid game when you have not found a fifth Reborn minion to complete Making Mummies with. In such situations, you should generally look to continue spending Mana developing the board. To help slow the game down, you can make use of Sunfury Protector and Pharaoh's Blessing to create a wall of Taunts and slow the game down, ready for the completion of your Quest.

Once Emperor Wraps is online, you should be able to begin taking control of the game. Khartut Defender is your highest value target due to its Taunt, Deathrattle, and Reborn status. However, you can make good use of Sunfury Protector and Pharaoh's Blessing on your other reborn minions to create new powerful targets for your Hero Power.

Quest Paladin Deck Card Swaps

  • Against Control — Add 1x Tirion Fordring for 1x Loot Hoarder.


  • 07 Apr. 2020: Deck has been updated for the Ashes of Outland expansion. Removed 1x SN1P-SN4P, 2x Annoy-o-Module, 2x Crystology, 1x Zilliax, 2x Mechanical Whelp, 1x Kangor's Endless Army, 1x Da Undatakah, 2x Mechano-Egg for 2x Khartut Defender, 2x Pharaoh's Blessing, 1x Murgur Murgurgle, 2x Sunfury Protector, 2x Shotbot, 1x Truesilver Champion, 1x Sky Gen'ral Kragg, 1x Loot Hoarder.
  • 10 Dec. 2019: Deck has been updated for the Descent of Dragons expansion. Removed 1x Countess Ashmore, 2x Subdue for 1x Da Undatakah, 1x SN1P-SN4P, 1x Truesilver Champion.
  • 16 Aug. 2019: Deck added.
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