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This guide contains detailed strategy, mulligan, and deck-building information to help you improve your Secret Rogue play for The Madness at the Darkmoon Faire meta.

Secret Rogue is a tempo deck that uses Secrets to disrupt opponents while utilising large amounts of card generation to pressure opponents with an onslaught of unpredictable cards.

Card List

Rogue Cards
0 Backstab Legacy 2
0 Preparation Legacy 2
0 Shadowstep Legacy 2
1 Blackjack Stunner AO 2
1 Pharaoh Cat Uldum 2
1 Secret Passage SA 2
1 Wand Thief SA 2
2 Ambush AO 2
2 Dirty Tricks AO 2
2 Eviscerate Legacy 1
2 Foxy Fraud MDF 2
2 Shadowjeweler Hanar AO 1
2 Swindle MDF 2
3 Edwin VanCleef Legacy 1
3 EVIL Miscreant RoS 2
5 Jandice Barov SA 1
Neutral Cards
3 Questing Adventurer Legacy 2

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Secret Rogue Deck Mulligan Guide

Secret Rogue is a deck that likes to get onto the board early and so you should be looking for any playable early-game minion in your opening hand.

You should always look for Pharaoh Cat, Wand Thief, and Foxy Fraud in your opening hand.

Against Aggro, you can additionally look for Backstab to help control the board in the early game.

Against Control, you can additionally keep Jandice Barov to ensure you can maintain pressure going into the mid game.

Secret Rogue Deck Strategy

Throughout the game you should be constantly looking to play your minions that generate other cards, like Pharaoh Cat, Wand Thief, and EVIL Miscreant to put light pressure onto your opponent while allowing you to focus on the late game by generating cards. you should try to use any spells you generate or draw to help control the board, and to help protect the cheap minion you put onto the board.

While most minions in the deck can be freely played, it is worth taking special note of Shadowjeweler Hanar as you should always be on the lookout for situations you can set it up. At the very least, you should look have another playable Secret in your hand to play with it, however, the more Mana you have the better. To play the card you should try to find a situation where the board is clear, or you can clear the board with no Mana expended. From here, you can freely play out Shadowjeweler Hanar and spend the remainder of your Mana on Secrets.

To win games, the deck has no direct win condition, and instead focuses on using generated cards to control the board and grind down oppnents with value.

Against Aggro, you should make very liberal use of your spells like Backstab and Preparation to control the board. As healing is very difficult to obtain as a Rogue, it is important to prevent as much damage as possible from being dealt to you Hero. Although this may seem wasteful, you should have no issue replenishing your hand with cards like Secret Passage and Dirty Tricks.

Against Control, you should have a much more value-oriented approach to the game to match your opponent. This will largely come down to picking the highest-value cards from your Discover effects, such as Evocation from Wand Thief. Additionally, you should also look to only use Shadowjeweler Hanar once you reach 10 Mana to maximise the number of Secrets you are able to generate.

Secret Rogue Deck Card Swaps

Against Aggro, 2x Khartut Defender can be used instead of 2x Questing Adventurer

Against Control, 1x Togwaggle's Scheme can be used in place of 1x Eviscerate.


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