Aggro/Tempo Mage Deck List Guide - Scholomance Academy August 2020

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Tempo Mage decks have been developing for a long time in Hearthstone, and although they take a different form in each expansion, the overriding theme remains the same. The idea is to protect your early board and then finish off your opponent using spells.

Over the years Tempo Mage has had a range of minions that synergise with the deck, such as Sorcerer's Apprentice, Flamewaker, and Kabal Crystal Runner, that has caused the archetype to live on and evolve as cards come and go from the Standard format.

Card List

Mage Cards
1 Arcane Missiles Basic 2
1 Evocation AO 1
1 Lab Partner SA 2
1 Magic Trick RoS 2
1 Ray of Frost RoS 2
2 Frostbolt Basic 2
2 Mana Cyclone RoS 2
2 Sorcerer's Apprentice Classic 2
3 Arcane Intellect Basic 2
3 Chenvaala DoD 1
3 Frost Nova Basic 1
4 Azure Explorer DoD 2
4 Fireball Basic 2
Neutral Cards
1 Brain Freeze SA 2

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Aggro/Tempo Mage Deck Lists

Aim of Aggro/Tempo Mage

The idea of this deck is to get minions onto the board early, and then protect them for long enough that they do significant damage to your opponent. After the board has been lost, you will be looking to use your burn, fuelled by card draw, to deliver lethal damage.

Aggro/Tempo Mage Mulligan

This deck aims to survive until the late-game in order to powerful combos with spell-synergy minions like Sorcerer's Apprentice and Azure Explorer in combination with cheap spells.

Aggro/Tempo Mage Strategy

Tempo Mage is heavily reliant on large combo turns in order to extreme huge amount of tempo and value from its minions. For most of the early game, your main aim should be to draw through your deck in order to give yourself the most options possible later in the game. During this time, you should avoid playing copies of your Sorcerer's Apprentice, unless you have a second copy in hand, as they are essential later in the game.

From Turn 6 onward, you should look for situations to unleash a combo upon your opponent. In order to do this, you need to at least be able to play a copy of Azure Explorer and Sorcerer's Apprentice. With these 2 minions in play, you should begin unleashing spells from your hand, with Sorcerer's Apprentice making all 1-Cost spells free and Azure Explorer boosting the damage of your spells by 2, you can deal huge amounts of damage to your opponent and their board with cheap spells like Arcane Missiles. If you are not killing your opponent with this combo, you should look to play Mana Cyclone when you are done playing spells. This will allow you to replenish your hand and follow up with further spells over the next few turns.

Against Aggro, you should not focus too heavily in killing your opponent. Instead, you should look to use your Sorcerer's Apprentice and Azure Explorer combo to secure and clear the board in the mid game. As Aggro decks do not have good comeback mechanics, clearing the board in this way will most likely set you up to combo again on the following turn using any remaining spells.

Against Control, you should take advantage of any passivity to assemble a stronger combo. You will often have time to play either 2 copies of Sorcerer's Apprentice or 2 copies of Azure Explorer as part of your combo. This will significantly increase the amount of damage you can deal and will often result in being able to kill your opponent in one turn.

Aggro/Tempo Mage Key Cards and Swaps

Archmage Antonidas can be used in place of a Violet Spellwing if you wish to have additional Fireballs to fight against control decks. Alternatively, you can use Cram Session as a high risk alternative to Arcane Intellect.


  • 06 Aug. 2020: Deck has been updated for the Scholomance Academy Expansion. Removed 2x Starscryer, 2x Ancient Mysteries, 2x Mirror Image, 1x Arcane Breath for 2x Primordial Studies, 2x Brain Freeze, 2x Lab Partner, 1x Mozaki, Master Duelist
  • 07 Apr. 2020: Deck has been updated for the Ashes of Outland expansion. Removed 2x Elemental Evocation, 2x Shooting Star, 2x Cinderstorm, 1x Stargazer Luna for 1x Evocation, 2x Star Scryer, 1x Mirror Image, 1x Arcane Breath.
  • 10 Dec. 2019: Deck has been updated for the Descent of Dragons expansion. Removed 2x Flamewaker, 1x Mirror Image, 2x Research Project, 2x Babbling Book for 2x Violet Spellwing, 1x Chenvaala, 2x Azure Explorer, 2x Fireball
  • 09 Oct. 2019: Deck has been updated for the Doom in the Tomb patch. Removed 2x Spellzerker, 2x Cosmic Anomaly, 2x Unexpected Results, 2x Fireball, 1x Archmage Antonidas for 2x Mirror Image, 2x Babbling Book, 2x Research Project, 2x Flamewaker, 1x Frost Nova.
  • 06 Aug. 2019: Deck has been reviewed for the Saviors of Uldum expansion.
  • 01 Jul. 2019: Deck has been moved for the fun category for the July card rotation.
  • 05 Jun. 2019: Deck has been updated for the June balance patch. Removed 2x Messenger Raven for 2x Unexpected Results.
  • 01 May 2019: Deck has been updated for the May play season. Removed 2x Arcane Watcher, 1x Bloodmage Thalnos, 1x Kirin Tor Tricaster for 2x Elemental Evocation, 2x Ray of Frost.
  • 08 Apr. 2019: Deck has been updated for the Rise of Shadows expansion. Removed 2x Primordial Glyph, 2x Explosive Runes, 2x Arcanologist, 2x Kirin Tor Mage, 1x Mana Addict, 1x Counterspell, 1x Aluneth for 2x Mana Cyclone 2x Arcane Watcher, 2x Kirin Tor Tricaster, 2x Messenger Raven, 2x Magic Trick, 1x Archmage Antonidas, 1x Bloodmage Thalnos.
  • 01 Jan. 2019: Deck updated for the January play season. Removed 1x Celestial Emissary, 2x Mana Wyrm for 2x Spellzerker, 1x Mana Addict.
  • 01 Oct. 2018: Deck has been reviewed for the October play season.
  • 18 Sep. 2018: Budget version of the deck has been updated. Removed 1x Celestial Emissary, 2x Vex Crow, 1x Mirror Entity for 2x Research Project, 2x Cosmic Anomaly.
  • 01 Sep. 2018: Deck updated for the September play season. Removed 1x Pyroblast, 1x Celestial Emissary, 1x Counterspell for 2x Cosmic Anomaly, 1x Stargazer Luna.
  • 09 Aug. 2018: Guide updated for The Boomsday Project expansion, removed 2x Amani Berserker, 2x Lifedrinker for 2x Celestial Emissary, 2x Shooting Star.
  • 01 Jul. 2018: Monthly checkup. Deck is up to date.
  • 26 May 2018: Aggro Tempo Mage Guide added. A fun, and strong, deck which puts heavy pressure on the opponent from the very start.
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