Combo Silence Priest Deck

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The deck utilises strong minions with large drawbacks and aims to use Silence and other effects to take advantage of their powerful stats. The style of deck is named after Purify, which is a card that has historically suffered a lot of ridicule since its release. However, the addition of Humongous Razorleaf has made the deck very formidable.

This version of the deck takes advantage of Divine Spirit and Inner Fire combos to swiftly burst down opponents if the board is left unchecked.


Card List

This deck costs 2,920 Arcane Dust and it is made up of the following cards.

Priest Cards Neutral Cards
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Mana Curve



This deck aims to take advantage of over-statted minions such as Ancient Watcher and Humongous Razorleaf by removing their inability to attack using one of the numerous Silence effects in the deck. By using Taunt effects like Sunfury Protector and Faceless Shambler the deck is able to shut out Aggro decks, while Divine Spirit and Inner Fire combos can be used to burst down slower decks.


Mulligans and Match-up Specific Strategies

In all match-ups you should aim to get a copy of Ancient Watcher or Humongous Razorleaf in your opening hand, due to the deck being so heavily centered around them. With The Coin you can keep 2 copies of the same minion, whereas one of each is ideal if you are going first to enable the strongest possible start. If you have already met this criteria, you can additionally look for an activator like Silence or Purify.

Against Aggro, you should favour keeping Sunfury Protector or Faceless Shambler over Silence effects as your win condition is simply to build an indestructible Taunt wall in these match-ups.

Against Control, you can favour card draw effects in your mulligan such as Northshire Cleric or Power Word: Shield to enable you to assemble your combo faster.


Opening Turns

The opening turns for the deck are fairly straightforward, where possible you want to simply develop a strong curve of minions to get a presence on the board, this always involves Ancient Watcher and Humongous Razorleaf. You should avoid playing Sunfury Protector on curve as it holds significantly more value later in the game when it has strong targets to buff. Northshire Cleric can additionally be played on Turn 1 if your opponent is not playing a class that has an easy answer such as Lightning Bolt. Despite Warrior having access to Fiery War Axe, you can still play a turn 1 Cleric against Pirate Warrior due to favourable trades with their early minions.

Although the deck runs Shadow Word: Pain, even against Aggro decks you should avoid using it in the early turns if you have other plays available as it will slow down your ability to get in a dominant board position.


When To Silence

Although Silence is a 0-Mana spell, you should still hold back on using it offers immediate value. For example, if you play an Ancient Watcher onto the board, Silencing it straight away will offer no immediate benefit as the minion is unable to attack the turn it is played. Often the threat of the minion and the its ability to be Silenced can warrant a response from your opponent anyway, resulting in them killing it and allowing you to retain the Silence effect in your hand. You should follow a similar train of thought with Purify, however as it costs 2 Mana, you should consider your future turns as it is sometimes necessary to preemptively use it if you will not have the Mana available on the following turn. Additionally, the card draw component of Purify should also be considered, in situation where you are lacking options, it can be worth using it if you are in need of additional plays for the turn.

When you have multiple Silence effects in your hand, there are multiple factors to consider when deciding which one use. Generally, you will want to be as Mana-efficient as possible, often resulting in the most expensive option being the best choice. Kabal Songstealer will often be the best choice as a result, however, as it is also a 5/5 minion and should be taken into account. When you have a strong board and no other minions left in hand, it may be worth holding back Kabal Songstealer to avoid being punished by large board clears such as Brawl or Twisting Nether. The other real consideration is the target of the spell. Purify can only target friendly minions whereas Silence and Kabal Songstealer can both target enemy minions. This can be very important against decks with lots of Silenceable targets, for example against Taunt Warrior you can often Silence multiple Taunt minions to be able to attack your opponent directly to win the game.


When To Buff

As this is primarily a combo deck, understanding when and how to use your combo pieces is pivotal in being successful with the deck. As a general rule, you should try to avoid buffing targets if they are due to be Silenced, as any buffs applied will be removed.

Understanding your win condition is also crucial when using combo pieces, Kabal Talonpriest and Power Word: Shield can be played quite freely, as they offer card draw and a strong minion onto the board. However, Divine Spirit and Inner Fire should usually be saved as a combination of these cards is required in order to burst down your opponent in one attack. There are of course exceptions to this rule, if you have 2 copies of Inner Fire in your hand for example, you can freely use one of the copies if it will help you gain a significant advantage on the board, or allow you to push a significant amount of damage through to your opponent. Against Aggro, it is usually much more advantageous to use Divine Spirit on your big Taunt minions to create an unbreakable wall. Humongous Razorleaf is by far the best target for this if it can be combined with Sunfury Protector or Faceless Shambler.


Card Swaps

Circle of Healing is a card that can be easily cut from the deck. Consider including extra removal such as Shadow Word: Death or Potion of Madness or Defender of Argus as an extra activator for your minions.

The number of copies of Purify and Kabal Songstealer in the deck is interchangeable based on preference, however you should try to avoid 2 of each as you will often clog your hand with Silence effects.



  • 12 Apr. 2018: Deck moved to the Wild format.
  • 11 Aug. 2017: Deck has been reviewed and deemed appropriate for the KotFT meta.
  • 14 Jul. 2017: Guide updated to new archetype format.
  • 14 Apr. 2017: Deck added. A Silence Priest deck that bursts opponents down with powerful Divine Spirit/Inner Fire combos.
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