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Control Shaman Deck List

Last updated on Apr 10, 2017 at 16:38 by L0rinda

Despite being viewed as a primarily Midrange or Aggressive Class, Shaman has all the tools required to be a successful Control deck as well. Through an enormous amount of healing and several high quality Taunt minions they have the ability to wall out Aggressive very successfully. Popular builds of Control Shaman also often included Ancestral Spirit as a way to create difficult board states that can also win you Control matchups.

In the tables below, you will find all of the decks we have on Icy Veins for this archetype, first for Standard and then for Wild.


Deck Cost Last Update
Evolve Un'Goro MSG Kara TOG 5,080 Arcane Dust 2017/04/10
Control Jade Un'Goro Un'Goro MSG Kara TOG 5,800 Arcane Dust 2017/04/04


Deck Cost Last Update
N'Zoth Control Un'Goro MSG Kara TOG TGT BrM GvG Naxx 14,320 Arcane Dust 2017/04/08
Wall Un'Goro MSG Kara TOG TGT BrM 11,320 Arcane Dust 2017/04/08
Malygos OTK Un'Goro Kara TOG TGT BrM GvG 11,180 Arcane Dust 2017/04/02
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