Kolento's Witchwood Dragon Priest Deck

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This is a new variant of Dragon Priest for the Witchwood expansion. It was created by professional player Kolento and focuses on using healing synergies Divine Hymn in addition to powerful Dragons.

1. Kolento's Witchwood Dragon Priest Card List

This deck costs 10,900 Arcane Dust and it is made up of the following cards.

Priest Cards Neutral Cards
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2. Kolento's Witchwood Dragon Priest Mana Curve


3. Comments On Kolento's Witchwood Dragon Priest

This is a very control-oriented Dragon Priest variant. It primarily uses Dragons such as Duskbreaker and Primordial Drake to control the clear the board. The rest of the deck consists of powerful minions.

The rest of the deck consists of powerful minions such as Coffin Crasher and Obsidian Statue in addition to healing synergies like Nightscale Matriarch, Divine Hymn, and Quartz Elemental that can be use to dominate the board after it has been cleared with AoE effects.

4. Kolento's Witchwood Dragon Priest Pros and Cons

The loss of cards like Drakonid Operative and Netherspite Historian greatly hurt Dragon Priest in the Year of the Raven. However, cards like Nightscale Matriarch help it fight back amongst other decks weakened by the Standard rotation.

5. Kolento's Witchwood Dragon Priest Quick Mulligan Guide

As this variant lacks early game, you should look to keep defensive tools suchs as Tar Creeper and Duskbreaker to help secure control of the board going into the mid game.

6. Changelog

  • 12 Apr. 2018: Variant added.
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