Mecha'thun Warrior Deck List Guide (Rise of Shadows June 2019)

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General Information

This guide contains detailed Strategy, Mulligan, and deck-building information to help you play Mecha'thun Warrior in The Rise of Shadows expansion.

Mecha'thun Warrior is a twist on Control Warrior that, instead of trying to avoid fatigue, rushes toward it in order to have an empty deck to win with Mecha'thun in the late game.

1. Mecha'thun Warrior Card List

This Mecha'thun Warrior deck costs 12,440 Arcane Dust and it is made up of the following cards.

Warrior Cards Neutral Cards
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2. Mecha'thun Warrior Mana Curve


3. Mecha'thun Warrior Mulligan Guide

Mecha'thun Warrior mulligan strategy is the same as that of a Control Warrior. You should look for a mix of defensive tools and card draw to help you survive until the late game.

4. Mecha'thun Warrior Strategy

Your aim throughout the game should be a mix of drawing cards whilst maintaining a safe Health total. When it comes to using removal like Slam, Shield Slam, and Execute, you should try to match the pace in which your opponent plays cards. Any Mana you have spare you can use to draw cards using Acolyte of Pain, Battle Rage, and the combination of Harrison Jones and Weapons Project. When you eventually draw through your entire deck, you should look to have the following 6 cards in your hand:

Assuming you have no other cards on the board or in your deck, this 6-card combo is your final win condition. Playing The Boomship will pull out Malygos and Mecha'thun from your hand. From there, you can use your remaining 1 Mana to cast Whirlwind following your 2 copies of Inner Rage to finish off Malygos and Mecha'thun to end the game.

Against Aggro, you should put a lot more emphasis on controlling the board and staying alive. Spare Mana can be used on Armor Up! rather than drawing cards as the game will never go long enough for you to pull of your combo, so you need only survive to win the game.

Against Control, there will be very little pressure put on you so can focus more heavily on drawing cards. Both copies of Warpath should not be necessary so you can use one of them to set up a large Battle Rage or to simply maximise the card draw from Acolyte of Pain. Aside from disruption cards like Hecklebot, you should have no issues defeating Control decks as you will have complete freedom to draw your deck and win the game.

5. Mecha'thun Warrior Card Swaps

6. Changelog

  • 05 Jun. 2019: Deck has been reviewed for the June play season.
  • 01 May 2019: Deck has been reviewed for the May play season.
  • 10 Apr. 2019: Deck added.
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