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Priest Wild Decks

Last updated on Jul 24, 2017 at 07:34 by Pesty

Table of Contents

Priest is a class that lends itself to a Controlling style of play. However, it can be built in a variety of ways to create different decks with their own strengths, weaknesses, strategies and play-styles. The class Hero Power is very effective if you are able to gain board control and start to heal your minions.

1. Deck List

In this section, we list all of the currently viable Wild decks that you can find on Icy Veins for Priests.

Deck Archetype Cost Last Update
Velen Dragon HoF MSG Kara LoE TGT BrM GvG Dragon Priest 5,240 Arcane Dust 2017/07/24
Dragon HoF MSG Kara LoE TGT BrM GvG Dragon Priest 3,720 Arcane Dust 2017/07/24
Midrange Silence Un'Goro MSG Kara LoE Naxx Silence Priest 1,700 Arcane Dust 2017/07/14
Velen OTK TOG TGT BrM GvG Miracle Priest 6,200 Arcane Dust 2017/07/07
Basic None 0 Arcane Dust 2017/07/07
Djinni OTK Un'Goro Un'Goro MSG LoE TGT BrM GvG Control Priest 3,960 Arcane Dust 2017/04/04
Reno Dragon Un'Goro HoF MSG Kara LoE TGT BrM GvG Naxx Reno Priest 11,680 Arcane Dust 2017/04/04
Reno Un'Goro HoF MSG TOG LoE TGT GvG Naxx Reno Priest 16,440 Arcane Dust 2017/04/02
N'Zoth Control Un'Goro Un'Goro HoF TOG LoE TGT GvG Naxx Control Priest 5,080 Arcane Dust 2017/04/02
N'Zoth Resurrect Un'Goro Un'Goro HoF Kara TOG LoE BrM GvG Naxx Control Priest 6,240 Arcane Dust 2017/04/02
Cheap MSG TOG TGT GvG Control Priest 1,000 Arcane Dust 2016/12/23
Control Un'Goro LoE TGT GvG Naxx Control Priest 4,560 Arcane Dust 2014/03/22

2. Crafting Guide

If you want a list of the most useful Rare, Epic, and Legendary cards for the Priest class in terms of crafting, please read our crafting guide for Priests.

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