Topsy Turvy OTK Priest Deck List Guide (The Boomsday Project October 2018)

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This guide contains detailed Strategy, Mulligan, and deck-building information to help you play Topsy Turvy Priest in The Boomsday Project expansion.

Topsy Turvy is a very powerful combo deck that follows in the footsteps of Divine Spirit and Inner Fire Combo Priest. The deck aims to assemble a very specific combination of cards that includes Radiant Elemental, Topsy Turvy, Divine Spirit, Vivid Nightmare, and Test Subject. The selection of cards when played together can keep duplicating Test Subjects, to create a near-infinite supply of Divine Spirits that can then be used on a single charge minion as required.

As the latest expansion has progressed, the intricacies of Topsy Turvy Priest have been mastered and it has not lived up to its expected potential, resulting in a decrease in popularity. However, it can still be a great choice to catch out unsuspecting opponents.

1. Topsy Turvy OTK Priest Card List

This Topsy Turvy OTK Priest deck costs 4,100 Arcane Dust and it is made up of the following cards.

Priest Cards Neutral Cards
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2. Topsy Turvy OTK Priest Mana Curve


3. Topsy Turvy OTK Priest Mulligan Guide

Topsy Turvy Priest is a very proactive combo deck that heavily focuses on its own game play. As a result, you should be looking for card draw tools to begin assembling a combo as soon as possible.

You should look for card draw like Acolyte of Pain, Northshire Cleric, Loot Hoarder, Dead Ringer, and Power Word: Shield.

If you already have Northshire Cleric, you can additionally look to keep Wild Pyromancer and Circle of Healing.

4. Topsy Turvy OTK Priest Strategy

In the early game, you should be looking to maximise your card draw through cards like Loot Hoarder, Acolyte of Pain, and Dead Ringer. While Northshire Cleric may seem like a good card to add to this list, it is much better to save for more powerful and much bigger card draw combos later into the game.

From turn 3 onward, you should look to assemble the combination of Northshire Cleric, Wild Pyromancer or Spirit Lash, and Circle of Healing or Divine Hymn. With a combination of these cards available, you should play your Cleric before damaging your board with a Wild Pyromancer or Spirit Lash before healing it up with Circle of Healing of Divine Hymn. This combination will draw large amounts of cards and you should be conscious of your hand size as a result. However if you have room in your hand and a Wild Pyromancer in play, you may opt to play a second copy of Circle of Healing or Divine Hymn to draw yet more cards.

Although the deck is very proactive, you may get pressured by aggressive opponents and need to deviate from your strategy slightly. If this happens, you should not hesitate to use your early card-draw minions to control the board. Additionally, you can also utilise your Wild Pyromancer and cheap spells like Shadow Visions and Power Word: Shield to deal further damage to the board.

When it comes to using Shadow Visions, you should hold off using it wherever possible. While it may seem beneficial to proactively use it and save Mana in the future, it is much better to save it until you are near completion of the combo to help draw into final combo pieces like Topsy Turvy or Divine Spirit.

The combo required to win the game is one of the most difficult in Hearthstone's existence and requires fast playing and thinking in order to successfully pull it off. The key cards you need to pull off your final combo are Stonetusk Boar, Test Subject, Topsy Turvy, Divine Spirit, Radiant Elemental, Vivid Nightmare, and a second copy of Radiant Elemental or Vivid Nightmare in addition to having at least 9 Mana available. To pull off your combo, you should follow the following sequence as quickly as possible:

  1. Play Stonetusk Boar, Radiant Elemental, Test Subject, and your second Radiant Elemental or second Vivid Nightmare on your Radiant Elemental
  2. Play Divine Spirit and then Vivid Nightmare onto Test Subject.
  3. Play Topsy Turvy onto a Test Subject to get Divine Spirit, Vivid Nightmare, and Topsy Turvy back into your hand.
  4. Play another Divine Spirit and then Vivid Nightmare onto the existing Test Subject.
  5. Play Topsy Turvy onto a Test Subject again to again 2 copies of Divine Spirit, 2 copies of Vivid Nightmare and 1 copy of Topsy Turvy.
  6. Play duplicate copy of Vivid Nightmare onto a Radiant Elemental.
  7. Play 1 Divine Spirit onto your Test Subject, followed by Vivid Nightmare and retaining a copy of Divine Spirit in hand.
  8. Play Topsy Turvy onto a Test Subject to gain 3 copies of Divine Spirit, 3 copies of Vivid Nightmare and 1 copy of Topsy Turvy.
  9. If you have less than 3 spaces in your hand, play Vivid Nightmares onto your Stonetusk Boar and trade them into your opponent's minions until you have space.
  10. Play 4 copies of Divine Spirit onto your Stonetusk Boar to buff it to 16 Health.
  11. Play Topsy Turvy on your remaining Test Subject to gain 3 more Divine Spirits, 3 more Vivid Nightmares and 1 more Topsy Turvy.
  12. Play 3 more copies of Divine Spirit onto your Stonetusk Boar to boost it up to 128 Health.
  13. Play Topsy Turvy onto your Stonetusk Boar to turn it into a 128/1.
  14. Play Vivid Nightmares onto your Stonetusk Boar to duplicate it as required.
  15. Use your Stonetusk Boars to remove any Taunt minions your opponent may have before attacking them directly for 128 damage.

5. Topsy Turvy OTK Priest Card Swaps

Outside of the core combo pieces, the cards in the deck are very flexible. Consider removing a single copy of Divine Spirit or Topsy Turvy, or a small amount of card draw.

If you feel like you are being overwhelmed by opponents, consider adding defensive tools like Psychic Scream, Shadowreaper Anduin, or Shadow Word: Death.

6. Budget Topsy Turvy OTK Priest Deck

This Budget Topsy Turvy Priest follows cuts out the most expensive card in the deck, Bloodmage Thalnos to make the deck more accessible to players on a tight budget.

Priest Cards Neutral Cards
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Circle of Healing is included over Bloodmage Thalnos to dramaticall reduce the crafting cost of the deck. Overall, this change does not have a huge impact on the playstyle of the deck, removing a tiny bit of consistent card draw for more potential large card draw instead.

7. Wild Topsy Turvy OTK Priest Deck

As Topsy Turvy Priest is such a new deck, there is currently no Wild variant available. However, keep an eye on this space as this may change in the future.

8. Quick Tips and Tricks

  • Be careful not to Vivid Nightmare your Test Subject too many times as you will clog your hand and not receive your Topsy Turvy back.
  • Ensure you create enough Radiant Elementals when pulling off your combo to make sure your spells all cost 0.
  • Duplicate Stonetusk Boar as many times as necessary to push past Taunt minions and burst down your opponent.

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10. About the Author

This guide is presented to you by Kat, a professional Hearthstone player competing at the highest level since closed beta. She is a consistent legend player in both Wild and Standard with multiple high-rank finishes.

11. Changelog

  • 01 Oct. 2018: Deck has been reviewed for the October play season.
  • 01 Sep. 2018: Deck reviewed for the September play season.
  • 07 Aug. 2018: Deck added.
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