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Velen Dragon Priest Wild Deck

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The following guide outlines how to play Dragon Priest which has received a huge buff in the Mean Streets of Gadgetzan expansion through the incredible Drakonid Operative which is one of the most powerful cards in this expansion. It is relatively simple to play and can be extremely effective against other aggressive decks that aim to grip the board early.

This build includes Prophet Velen as an additional win-condition that can be extremely useful against Reno decks and other popular Control strategies.


Wild Velen Dragon Priest Card List

This deck costs 5,360 Arcane Dust and it is made up of the following cards.

Priest Cards Neutral Cards
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Wild Velen Dragon Priest Mana Curve


Wild Velen Dragon Priest Strategy

This variant plays out almost the same as Wild Dragon Priest, but with the addition of burst damage from Prophet Velen and Mind Blast. Where possible this combo should be saved until you lose board control as most opponents will not expect any burst damage outside of Blackwing Corruptor.



  • 10 Aug. 2017: Deck has been reviewed and deemed appropriate for the KotFT meta.
  • 24 Jul. 2017: Guide updated to reflect new Icy Veins archetype format.
  • 04 Apr. 2017: Deck moved to Wild for the Journey to Un'Goro expansion. Removed 2x Kabal Talonpriest for 2x Velen's Chosen.
  • 15 Dec. 2016: Deck added.
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