Wild Recruit Warrior Deck List Guide - Rise of Shadows April 2019

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This guide contains detailed Strategy, Mulligan, and deck-building information to help you play Recruit Warrior in The Boomsday Project expansion.

Recruit Warrior is one of the many deck that emerged from the Kobolds and Catacombs expansion with the introduction of the Recruit mechanic. The deck uses powerful Control Warrior spells to stall the game to get into a position to use powerful cards like Woecleaver as an easy way to summon the numerous big minions in the deck and turn the tables on opponents.

The Boomsday Project added a few very powerful cards to the deck. Weapons Project is an excellent early-game board control tool that helps make up for the decks lack of cheap minions and The Boomship has excellent synergy with all the big minions in the deck and can often overwhelm opponents in a single turn.

Card List

Neutral Cards
3 Acolyte of Pain HoF 2
5 Harrison Jones Classic 1

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Mulligan Guide

Recruit Warrior is a deck that thrives in the late game where it can utilise Woecleaver to pull out many powerful Legendary minions for a low total Mana Cost. To support this, your Mulligan strategy will revolve around finding tools to enable you to safely reach that stage of the game.

The two key cards you should be looking for in your opening hand are Acolyte of Pain and Forge of Souls. Alternatively, you can keep Blood Razor if you do not already have Forge of Souls.

Against Control decks, you can additionally keep Woecleaver if you do not already have Forge of Souls.

Against decks that flood the board, like Odd Paladin or Token Druid, you can additionally keep a copy of Warpath to stop you getting overwhelmed before the late game.


In the early game, you have very few choices available, but you can make small moves to keep the board under control and begin cycling through your deck. You should almost always play Forge of Souls on turn 2 to help draw into key weapons for later turns. Alternatively, you can also choose to play Weapons Project if your opponent has begin to put early pressure onto the board. If you do not have a Blood Razor available from natural draws or Forge of Souls, then you can also opt to draw cards with Shield Block and Acolyte of Pain. You may also opt to use a Shield Slam or Execute if your opponent is heavily pressuring you. However, if you feel safe enough, you should try and save these cards for later turns where you can get more value from them.

In the mid game, you should try and stay in control of the game ready for the late game. If you have not yet drawn into Woecleaver, you can opt to continue drawing cards by using Acolyte of Pain in combination with the damage effect of Blood Razor. If you already have it, then you can try and develop a light board using Direhorn Hatchling, and Harrison Jones if your opponent does not use weapons. If your opponent chooses to play aggressively, you can opt to use defensive tools like Brawl and Warpath to keep the board clear instead.

When it comes to the late game, your aim should be almost always play Woecleaver as soon as possible and start attacking in order to Recruit big threats from your deck. If you manage to Recruit one of the big 8-Cost threats from the deck, your play will vary greatly due to the synergies present in the deck and a general rule for using each one is as follows:

  • The Lich King is the most straight forward big minion to summon, requiring no support and simply functioning as a big threat that generate you a powerful card at the end of each turn.
  • Geosculptor Yip can potentially offer immense value at the end of your turn depending on the amount of Armor your have. Bring It On! is specifically included in your deck for situations when you have no Armor and wish to maximise your value from Geosculptor Yip.
  • Rotface is potentially the most powerful of the big threats in the deck, allowing you to spawn up to 5 additional Legendary minions. The deck contains many self-damage cards like Blood Razor, and Slam that can be combined with it in addition to the powerful Warpath that can be used to activate Rotface many times in a single turn.
  • Grommash Hellscream is the last big threat in the deck. It is a very potent burst-damage tool that can be used both offensively and defensively. If your opponent is dominating the board, the 4/9 stats can often be used to help clearing a mid-sized minion from your opponent. For attacking your opponent directly, you should try and combine it with a Whirlwind effect to maximise the attack value of the card before attacking.

Due to the small number of big threats in the deck, you will often find yourself in situations when you have drawn many of your big threats in the deck before you can Recruit them. For situations like this, Dead Man's Hand is very useful. However, before you do play Dead Man's Hand, you should try and avoid putting any unnecessary cards back into your deck. The most common cards you do not wish to shuffle into your deck are Acolyte of Pain and Harrison Jones, but you should often avoid shuffling in cheap cards like Forge of Souls too. Conversely, additionally copies of key removal cards like Shield Slam and Execute are often very welcome.

When it comes to ending games, this will primarily be done with the tempo generate from the powerful threats Recruited by your Woecleaver. However, you should also not hesitate to playing any further threats from your hand to maximise the pressure on your opponent. The randomness of cards like Geosculptor Yip and Rotface will greatly vary your path to victory from game to game. However, it is often a good idea to hold back Grommash Hellscream if you draw into it as the burst damage it offers when combined with Warpath will often be able to surprise opponents.

Card Swaps

Recruit Warrior has a broad range of big minions that can be used in the deck to replace either Direhorn Hatchlings or the existing big minions in the deck. A few examples you may decide to include are: Deathwing, Ysera, and Charged Devilsaur.

Reckless Flurry can be included to provide additional synergy with Bring It On!.

A second copy of Dead Man's Hand can be included to allow the deck to avoid fatigue damage indefinitely.

Quick Tips and Tricks

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  • 08 Apr. 2019: Deck has been moved to Wild for the year of the Dragon.
  • 01 Oct. 2018: Deck has been reviewed for the October play season.
  • 07 Aug. 2018: Guide updated for The Boomsday Project expansion. Removed 2x Inner Rage, 1x Slam for 2x Weapons Project, 1x The Boomship.
  • 02 Jul. 2018: Deck added.
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