Wild Token Shaman Deck List Guide - The Boomsday Project October 2018

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This guide contains detailed strategy, mulligan, and deck-building information to help you improve your Token Shaman play for The Boomsday Project meta.

Token Shaman is a solid Hearthstone archetype that has moved in and out of the meta at various points in Hearthstone's history. It aims to take advantage of the Shaman Hero Power, Totemic Call, to add free minions to the board and combine it with other board-flooding cards to repeatedly create wide boards turn after turn. If the board is not immediately dealt with each turn, Token Shaman can immediately capitalize on wide boards with powerful cards like Bloodlust and Thrall, Deathseer, which will often deal critical damage when used.

Despite showing early promise at the beginning of The Boomsday Project expansion, Token Shaman has fallen out of popularity in favour of decks like Midrange Shaman and Even Shaman.

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Mulligan Guide

In your Mulligan, you will be looking for a strong curve of plays that will allow you to continually flood the board and maintain a strong board presence until turn 5 and beyond.

You should try to find your strongest possible opening in your mulligan to ensure early board control. Mecharoo, Flametongue Totem, Fire Fly, and Menacing Nimbus are all great choices for achieving this. Additionally, you should also be looking to keep Thrall, Deathseer in your opening hand due to the sheer strength of the card in the deck.

Against Aggro, you can additionally keep a copy of Lightning Storm in your opening hand in case you lose board control.


In the early game, you should try and secure the board with solid 1-drops like Mecharoo and Fire Fly. Of these, Mecharoo is generally the stronger choice as it is more resilient to your opponent's minions and removal, however, Fire Fly works well against 1-Attack minions like Voidwalker, Glow-Tron, and other Fire Flies. The line of play you take on turn 2 will often depend on your opponent's opening. If your opponent has played any minions, Flametongue Totem is a great choice for allowing your 1-drop to trade up and secure the board, otherwise, you should continue to develop your board further with Menacing Nimbus or Totemic Call.

Going into turn 3, you should start to think about your future turns. For example, if you have key cards like Bloodlust or Thrall, Deathseer in your hand, you can start going wide on the board with Microtech Controller and Saronite Chain Gang. Otherwise, you should consider taking things a bit slower and aim to play Mana Tide Totem to help you draw into your win-conditions.

Lightning Storm is an important card for the deck and making sure you use it at the correct time is an important thing to note. While it is a very strong board clear in its own right, it is important to consider the alternatives before using it. For example, if you have a board full of 1-Attack minions like Sparks and Fire Fly and your opponent has many 2-Health minions, Lightning Storm is a great tool for preventing your opponent from value-trading into your board with no drawback. However, if you have a Flametongue Totem, you can use it in combination with your 1-Attack minions into your opponent's board and trade evenly, which is very favourable given the ways in which you can flood the board. Additionally, as Lightning Storm also has an Overload effect, it is often not worth playing it on turns 4 or 5 if you expect to play Thrall, Deathseer or Bloodlust on the following turn.

From turn 5 onward, you should continually be looking for opportunities to utilise your Thrall, Deathseer, Bloodlust, and The Storm Bringer. Although these cards can potentially win the game, you should not be too greedy as you may miss your opportunity to use them. Instead, you should try and find an opportunity where you can hit at least 5 targets and take it. If you have 1 Mana to spare, Voltaic Burst is an excellent card that can be used as a quick boost to your board's width before you use one of your power cards.

Due to the large number of cheap minions in the deck, Corridor Creeper is a natural fit. Depending on the contents of your hand, the way you use the card may differ. In the early game, it is a great tool for helping control the board and is especially strong with Flametongue Totem leading into Bloodlust. However, if you have Thrall, Deathseer in hand, it is often a good idea to hold onto your Corridor Creeper. As a free 7-Mana minion, it can immediately be turned into a 9-Mana minion with the Death Knight's Battlecry, which can be devastating if played on turn 5.

Once you play Thrall, Deathseer, the strategy of the deck changes slightly. Without the Totemic Call Hero Power, it becomes harder to flood the board in the late game, but the replacement, Transmute Spirit, more than makes up for it. In order to maximise the value of the Hero Power, you should evaluate the strength of each minion on the board relative to its Mana Cost. For example, Corridor Creeper and Giggling Inventor are great targets due to their poor stats for their Cost. It is important to note that Evolving a minion will also remove any damage it has taken, which makes it important to consider the current stats of a minion and not its base stats. For example, Wyrmguard is a reasonable minion as a 7 Mana 3/11 great for trading into your opponent's board. However, once it starts to take damage and has less than 5 Health, a 7 Mana 3/4 is much less spectacular and a great target for Transmute Spirit.

Card Swaps

Token Shaman is a flexible deck that has a range of card options that can fit around its strategy. You should avoid removing key cards like Thrall, Deathseer, The Storm Bringer, and Bloodlust, but most other cards can be swapped.

Any minions with low stats and powerful Battlecry effects are great choices for Token Shaman, especially those that summon additional minions. A few examples not currently in the deck include: Explodinator, Grim Necromancer, Witch's Apprentice, and Sewer Crawler.

Quick Tips and Tricks

  • Play Voltaic Burst immediately before Bloodlust or Thrall, Deathseer for huge tempo plays.
  • Save Corridor Creeper for the same turn you plan on playing Thrall, Deathseer for an instant 9-Cost minion.
  • Trade 1-for-1 with your minions, but avoid trading in multiple minions at all costs.
  • Do not be too greedy with your power cards, take any opportunity you can to hit 5 or more targets.

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